Timeless Fashion and Outfit Ideas ft. Audrey Hepburn

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When it comes to picking your classic style icon, many would immediately scream “AUDREY HEPBURN!!!” The question is why wouldn’t you choose her as your style icon even when you know there are new and modern fashion icons out there now? Well, Audrey’s style is simply timeless. Sure it may be from decades ago, but have you seen many women of new generations look up to her when it comes to fashion?

Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of perfect – she has grace, class, elegance and style. She knew what looked good on her and what didn’t. If you would like to incorporate some Audrey-fashion into your life to get that classy and chic look every day, carry on reading.


audrey hepburn fashion 1Audrey knew what looked good on her even when she was younger. All she did was continued that and tweaked some of it, but most of all, she stayed true to her own style.


audrey hepburn fashion 2She mostly wore tailored clothing. Audrey picked one thing to accentuate and that was her 22-inch waist.


audrey hepburn fashion 3When you want to show off your natural features, a simple dress is simply what you need.


audrey hepburn fashion 4Audrey’s confidence made super short and cropped haircuts look feminine. It was a boyish look but she continued to rock it.


audrey hepburn fashion 5Best thing to become familiarized with Hepburn’s style is by watching some of her films – you definitely haven’t forgotten about the famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s, right? Also, some of her films are Charade, Roman Holiday, Sabrina and Paris When it Sizzles.


audrey hepburn fashion 6One main thing to get a hold or feel of Audrey’s style is also focusing on her philosophy of life. If you’ve read some of her biographies and quotes, she mostly believed in the power of love over everything.


Retouching LipstickAudrey simply kept all of her choices simple. She wasn’t into those eye-catching and jaw-dropping outfits we see in runways these days. Believe in “less is more” and “elegant simplicity”.


audrey hepburn fashion 8Don’t ever follow the trends – Audrey didn’t even follow them, she made them mostly. Invest in quality classic pieces. Compliment your look with your outfits rather than letting fashion use you. but in case the trend looks good on you, incorporate it into your classic elegant look.


audrey hepburn fashion 9Audrey was always polished and neat. You should take care of your skin and your hair. Choose a hairstyle that will suit you. it doesn’t matter if the hairstyle is old; just make sure it looks good on you.


audrey hepburn fashion 10When it came to shoes, Audrey always purchased a half size bigger than smaller so they wouldn’t hurt your feet or deform.


audrey hepburn fashion 11Some of the Audrey Hepburn basics you need in your closet include – a pair of kitten heels, a pair of flats, a fitted suit, a white tee and an LBD.


audrey hepburn fashion 12When it came to casual wear, Audrey kept it simple with dark and classic denim jeans. She also wore Capri pants, slacks and slim-fit khakis.


Audrey HepburnSome of the accessories you need in your life are scarves, dark sunglasses, long evening gloves and pearls.


Audrey In ParisWhen it comes to purchasing, buy the real thing instead of knockoffs. You can always mix high-end and low-end stuff.


audrey hepburn fashion 15Audrey’s favorite colors were black, white and pink. Her favorite designers were Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton.

Easy Guide to Audrey Fashion

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