Things from the Men’s Department Women Can Really Wear

mens department 6We bet you already know that, but if you need more convincing, here are some of the pieces you should get the next time you see a sale on the men’s department.
Although, sizing is always something you should consider because a women’s small isn’t similar to a men’s small.


mens department 1Boyfriend Jeans
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Surprise! Or not. These are called boyfriend jeans for a reason. And if you don’t have a boyfriend whom you can borrow jeans from, you can always purchase one of your own – from the men’s department. Some men’s jeans would cost more than women’s but they’re unique and would look better because it’s naturally looser.


mens department 2Button Up Shirt
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If you’re more for structured button ups, then a men’s button-up shirt is boxier. It’s less girly but extremely chic. They tend to be more structured than women’s because women’s are more laidback.


mens department 3Oversized Sweater
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They’re very popular especially during fall and winter. You’ll notice that sweaters in the women’s department will get really expensive so when it happens, just head on over to the men’s department and choose whatever you like.


mens department 4Scarves
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You’re not really going to wear girly print designs on your scarf, right? Besides, men’s scarves are just as warm as the ladies’ scarves.


mens department 5Plain Sweater
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Maybe you need a sweater for just relaxing and lounging around? In the menswear department, you’re going to see the comfiest sweater you’ll ever find and is super cheap as well. Men’s sweaters are chunkier and bigger, making them perfect for cozying up.