The Types of Bag Every Woman Should Own

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Do you know that you only need less than ten essential bag types in your wardrobe? We’re not saying that you need to throw out the rest of your bags, but do you know which ones is pretty versatile and necessary?


essential bags 1Crossbody
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A crossbody bag is an essential because not only is it comfortable, but it’s also really easy to wear. It’s a no-fuss bag that you can use for hands-free shopping, commuting or even carrying down several cups of coffee. Use a crossbody bag if you know your hands are going to be full for the day.


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Day Clutch
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Otherwise known as the “brunch bag”, the day clutch is great to use if you’re only going out for a couple of hours and will only be needing a couple of things. Why use a large handbag when it can all fit in a day clutch? Go for something casual instead of those sequined ones so it’s casual and easy for on-the-go.


essential bags 3Weekender
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For sudden or impromptu plans, the weekender bag is for you. The large bag can also be used for your other activities daily like as a gym bag or as a grocery bag. It would make a great carry-on bag that will take the place of your purse.


essential bags 4Evening Clutch
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The evening clutch – you just need one or two of these that will go easily with your evening, dressy looks. Pick a neutral shade so it would be effortless to style for semi-formal to formal events.


essential bags 5Tote
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It’s the bag that you use when you go to work – inside it are laptops, tablets, files and papers. Get yourself a medium-sized tote for your basic daily essentials like your mobile, makeups and more.


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Quirky Bag
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The quirky bag is something you’re going to use if you’re using a plain outfit and you need that extra pop of statement-making piece to complete your outfit.