Superhero Costumes for All Comic Book Nerds

Not everyone is into glitz and glamour. Some love superheroes and one way of showing your love for them is by wearing a superhero costume this coming Halloween.

Are you ready to fight against all types of wicked villains instead of just sitting in the castle waiting for Prince Charming? Be ready to kick some super-villain butt. All you have to do is wear the outfits of one of the classic comic book superheroes. Here are some superhero costumes to choose from.


Green Lantern Superhero Costume

superhero-costumes-for-halloween-1You can make anything your mind can wish for as long as you have the will, as well as by donning this sexy Green Lantern superhero costume for Halloween. Be one of the galaxy’s greatest guardians and policewoman for this and other costume parties.



superhero-costumes-for-halloween-1Boast your Spidey sense and power in this Spiderwoman outfit that will divert even the most devoted superheroes in the comic book world. This costume has the perfect mix of sass and nerd that depicts the original Spiderman



superhero-costumes-for-halloween-1Batman would love to have the chance to fight with you when he sees you in this incredible and eye-popping Catwoman costume this Halloween. You don’t even need to whip the jewels as it will all be handed right to you instead.

Iron Man

superhero-costumes-for-halloween-1Ever wanted to become a billionaire? This Halloween’s your chance to become a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist all in one. In this Iron Man costume, you may not be able to fly about but you’ll certainly look the part of a superhero that’s ready to take part of the Avengers.



superhero-costume-ideas-7Why look bad in other superheroes when you can be the coolest one? Become the most popular superhero by putting on this Deadpool costume for Halloween. Everybody knows who Deadpool is.



superhero-costume-ideas-7Get ready to experience again the battle and thrill by wrapping yourself in the power of darkness in this superhero Batman costume. You want to become one of comic book’s greatest heroes? Here’s your chance now.



superhero-costume-ideas-7Look just like the first version of Robin by wearing this famed comic book superhero costume character for Halloween. Bruce Wayne can’t do everything himself. He’s going to need your assistance.



superhero-costume-ideas-7Here you come to save the day! Enter the battle challenging The Dark Knight and stop him from his vindictive ways dressed as your favorite superhero, the Man (or Woman) of Steel himself. Make a big impact this Halloween or at your next costume party.


Wonder Woman

superhero-costume-ideas-7Manage to capture a few goons and evil plots by becoming Wonder Woman for Halloween. Fighting crime is no walk in the park. Have what it takes to become a hardcore superhero? Then don this costume now.


Black Widow


superhero-costume-ideas-7Nothing screams sexy like this form-fitting spandex jumpsuit that Black Widow sports everytime she’s out to save the day. Show off your strong and sassy side so you can steal the show at the Halloween party.

Which superhero are you going to dress up for Halloween? Would you rather go as a superhero than a villain?


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