Summer Internship Wardrobe Must-Haves

wardrobe staples for interns 11It’s almost internship season. Dressing up for your internship as an undergraduate is a bit difficult. In school, you can get away with wearing tees and sweatpants every day. But you know what’s great about getting an internship is that your wallet won’t even need to spend so much because all you need are just the basics – they’re versatile, professional and chic.


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Blazers are known to be the magical thing in every intern’s wardrobe. They look pretty professional and also great confident boosters. It’s like when you wear one, it instantly make you feel like you’re the boss. There are so many great tailored jackets out there, plus, you get student discounts upon checkout.


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Invest in good button down shirts. They’re professional but stylish and can work with whatever outfit you decide to wear for the day. If you want to sport a more professional look, you could pair yours with dress pants or even dark jeans and high heels for a smart casual look.


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A pencil skirt has always been a staple to working girls’ wardrobe. They give you the right amount of curves while looking appropriate and professional. Just remember that when you’re on the hunt for your pencil skirt, choose something that isn’t too tight. Try to sit around while you’re fitting it. Go a size or two to for easy comfort. You want something that you can easily breathe in and nothing that would draw unwanted attention.


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A work dress is the simplest, fastest business-ready outfit. If you have only five minutes to spare in the morning, just slip on your tailored dress then you’re good to go.


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You’re also going to need a professional bag. Choose something in neutral color which can easily match any outfit. Also, make sure that the bag is functional as well. It somehow needs to be big enough to hold whatever you may need throughout the day of your job.


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Dress pants are alternatives to pencil skirts. They can be easily paired with whatever professional or office-appropriate top you feel like wearing for the day. They’re pretty comfortable and will give you a professional look at your workplace.


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You’re going to feel a throbbing ache wearing high heels from 9 to 5. Since it’s not the best look to wear flip flops around the office, the next best option is to wear a pair of comfortable yet professional-looking flats.


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While you wear flats while commuting, slip into a pair of solid-colored high heels once you arrive at the office. They said that the higher the quality of the shoe, the longer it will last on you and the better it will fit.


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You’re not going to be able to check your phone every minute for the time. Also, they’re not very much wanted in the office. So when you can’t sneak in to look at your phone for the time, it would be best to get yourself a simple wristwatch. It doesn’t have to be oversized or dazzling.


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Break the fashion repetitiveness of wearing the same combo of clothes each day by mixing up accessories like necklaces, bracelets and earrings.