Summer Gears on Sale for Men

summer gears on sale for men 12Now that fall and winter collections are hitting the stores, it’s still summer and it’s only appropriate we head on to some of the gears that are currently on sale. Kick off your style with these sale pieces which you can wear to more of your summer activities as well as the up and coming Labor Day. Better get your hands on these now because they’re seriously a good deal.


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Not all men can sport bleach-washed super skinny jeans. If you’re lucky enough to look good in a pair, get your hands on these now. It’s a couple of dollars off and a pair of light jeans is the perfect denim to wear during summer


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We’re pretty sure you already have black brogues, but do you have brown? This pair with classic brogue design is something you could wear for semi-formal parties, casual parties or even a casual date with your loved one. Wear this with nice trousers, a dress shirt then you’re good to go. Also, brown is always the black during summer.


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A vintage cool kind of v-neck vintage tee that’s versatile enough to fit any occasion. This type of top will also look great when paired with denim.


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This blue long sleeved shirt is suit and off-duty ready. You can pair it with a necktie or just wear it alone; this special shirt’s fabric is made from fine twist mélange fabric that leaves the same kind of subtle shading you’d find in your favorite shirt.


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You need jogger pants in your life. Not only they’re comfortable, but they’re actually outdoor-appropriate bottoms that you can wear whenever you feel like it. People will stop looking at you for wearing sweatpants. If they don’t, it’s because maybe you look fit in one of these. Of course, wearing this for special and important events is a no-no, so only wear your favorite pair when you’re going somewhere that doesn’t require you to look dapper.


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If you don’t like plain polo shirts, you’re going to love this trim fit plaid sport shirt. This shirt is perfect on the daily-grind and also, a nice outfit to wear while catching up with friends on the weekend.


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Don’t be boring! Get this fun printed tuna fish shirt on your wardrobe now. This is the perfect shirt to wear when you’re out and about at the beach, chilling poolside or if you’re attending a not-so-fancy yacht party.



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Simplicity is key (sometimes) when it comes to men’s clothing. Try investing in minimal-print shirts like this chest stripe tee and pair it with whatever jeans or shorts you like.


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Attend an all-white party by wearing this white low-waist, skinny fit trousers. Pair this with a white button down shirt and for the next few months, easily wear this with whatever shirt or shirt dress you have. This is pretty versatile and the combination of outfits is endless.


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Besides jeans, you’re also going to need summer chinos and this is the perfect one. Since it’s summer, you can easily get away with wearing colored summer shorts.