Summer Festival Essentials

summer festival essentials 11Get these essentials for summer festival season. It’s all about enjoying music in free-spirited, boho and hippie looks great for bronzed days and jammed-filled nights.


summer festival essentials 1You’re going to need a rucksack to store all your belongings while you’re at the festival. It would be ideal to invest in a convertible rucksack in black because it’s pretty versatile and you will be able to use it for school or work.


summer festival essentials 2Anything with floral print in it is pretty appropriate for any spring and summer festival event. You can wear it with anything.


summer festival essentials 3In a summer festival, what is the best way to pair with fringe? A boho skirt. Even if you just get a fringe piece or the boho skirt, these two are significant in completing a boho chic look.


summer festival essentials 4A statement necklace can either make or break your summer festival outfit. Look at your outfit, stare at it, and try to think if you still need a statement necklace or not. If you’re wearing a simple top or dress, then maybe you need one. The last thing you want to happen is to look plain and boring.


summer festival essentials 5Another great way to wear to a summer festival is denim. It doesn’t matter if it’s your jeans, shorts, top or vest. Style and wear it the way you want it.


summer festival essentials 6You need to protect your eyes from the sun. You don’t want to be squinting all day. You’re going to develop some premature wrinkles when that happens. So your best option to combat the sun is to wear stylish sunglasses.


summer festival essentials 7Heels aren’t exactly festival material, especially if you’re going to be standing all the time and walking around. It isn’t that comfortable at all. Get yourself a pair of trendy sneakers. It’s much more comfy that heels.


summer festival essentials 8Jumpsuits are trendy and nice to wear. Get yourself one or two of those.


summer festival essentials 9Aside from sneakers, sandals are your best option as well. They’re comfortable and airy; you won’t have difficulties walking since some people get cramps when they’re feet are trapped in closed shoes for too long. Don’t wear flip-flops, though.


summer festival essentials 10Lastly, a sundress or whatever type of mini dress that’s appropriate for daytime. You can easily just add your own touch of style into the look. For example, add in a pair of country-inspired boots, a floppy hat and a knitted bag.