Styling Your Button-Down Shirt the Feminine Way

button down 11Button-down shirts were first introduced for men but as the years go by, it has become increasingly popular in women’s fashion as well.

A button-down is pretty versatile – can be very handy if we want some polished looks for the office or a casual chic look for the weekend.

If you think button-down shirts are too masculine for you, here are a couple of ways to make it suit more of your girly and feminine taste.


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Spice up your button-down shirt by adding girly accessories such as chunky and statement-making necklaces. It can be a long pearl necklace, long chain necklace or even a necklace with a crystal pendant for that sophisticated vibe.


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Another way is by adding silk scarves in different colors, shapes and sizes to add some twist into your button-down look. Place the scarf under the collar of your shirt then just tie it like a necktie for that added girly punch.


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And if you’re not, at all, into necklaces and scarves, then go for a girly brooch like a flower pin for a super simple yet very stylish look.


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Change how your button-down would look on you by adding a belt around the waist to accentuate your torso. You can definitely play around with any belt whether it’s a wide one, a slim one, or a something that’s a bit bold to add twist to your otherwise plain button-down shirt.


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Add chic sunglasses and a structured bag to your button-down shirt look to instantly give your look that girly vibe.


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When shopping for a button-down shirt, you can also go for feminine colors, patterns, fabrics and prints to make styling it easier.


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Wear your button-down shirt with your denim shorts, skirts or jeans by simply unbuttoning the first two buttons at the top to give a slightly casual vibe. Also, it’s to lose stiffness on your classic button-down because it does look a bit formal, don’t you think?


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Add some edgy to your button-down look by mixing it with anything leather – leather pants, leather jacket, leather skirt, leather shorts, anything really. But just be careful with the leather jacket and button-down combo because it can give toughen your look just a bit.


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Pair your button-down with feminine and girly details like embellished styles, colorful prints, floral patterns and girly cuts.


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You can even wear your button-down shirt with a tuxedo and for that to be feminine enough, pair your look with high heels.