Styling Neon and Outfit Ideas

Neon isn’t for everyone but there are shades that will perk up every skin tone. These fluorescent-hued clothes and accessories will add colors not only to your spring and summer outfits, but also for the fall (if you style them correctly).

You just have to avoid looking like somebody has thrown colors on you, except on Halloween, because it will look a whole new level of tacky.

neon outfit ideas 4

But who doesn’t love the Capitol people in The Hunger Games? Their colorful outfits are to die for, perfect for Halloween. The sunglasses and holographic chunky sandals give out a futuristic look.

Add a hot pink lipstick while you’re at it.


neon outfit ideas 1

Be a Neon Barbie!

Play with neon for Halloween. It’s the time of the year to go overboard with outfits and colors. Take advantage of it.

neon outfit ideas 2

How about being Neon Sporty Spice for Halloween? The colors look extremely fun and quirky.

If you have a very cute sports jacket but don’t intend on using it for anything sports-related, especially something that look like this one, now is the time to show it off and make people appreciate it as well.

It’s too pretty for exercising and instead of wearing the usual trainers, why not wear high heels to make this look even more outrageous?

If you have old Barbie dolls, you can actually glue them on your clutch for instant style boldness.

neon outfit ideas 3

Fuzzy textures, faux cow patches trousers – if these aren’t actually Halloween enough – top it off with a neon blazer and a strikingly colorful flower crown.  Don’t forget the handbag that looks like a chopped head.

How pretty is the crown? It has green, white, yellow birds and small blue, pink, red and purple flowers.

While everyone’s wearing dark colors for Halloween, you should wear something vibrant (but not-so-vibrant) like this look.

Here are a few neon outfit ideas that could make you rock the neon trend in a fun and tasteful way, perfect for an everyday look.

neon outfit ideas 5

Style your neon top, whatever color may it be, with a retro-printed skirt. It’s incredibly simple yet very chic.

To complete the entire retro look, wear a pair of vintage heels or wedge. Now you’ll look like someone from the 70s with an eye for fashion and that’s a real compliment. It’s very subtle compared to they used to wear back in the day.

neon outfit ideas 6

How about a neon midi skirt with a printed top?

Some people are thinking that neon colors are not classic-looking at all, but mixing the right accessories with your neon look can make you a bit vintage with a modern twist.

You might get a few stares and but more compliments for this look because it’s too bright. But that’s about it.

Getting your hands on a classically styled neon midi skirt will make you look totally exquisite and ladylike. You need at least one neon midi skirt in your closet.

neon outfit ideas 7

It’s totally fine if you would rather wear neon colors for fall instead of the dark ones. I mean, neon are bold and beautiful colors. Who wouldn’t love them?

Create contrasts with black and neon. Both are in the opposite color world, so they must look good when paired together.

Wearing this fantastic contrast will make a daring ensemble that will surely get you noticed.

neon outfit ideas 8

Neon isn’t totally a one-season wonder. Invest in pretty neon dresses like this one. If you’re going for an everyday look, don’t match it with your favorite neon eels and lipstick.

Color blocking is when you pair 2 neon colors together, or one neon color and another muted color. Use loud and energetic chunk of contrasting colors together to make a color blocking statement.

neon outfit ideas 9

It’s possible to create subtle looks with neon colors

This navy blue skirt looks absolutely stunning with a lace vortex blouse. Wear your neon inner under the lace blouse. Now the neon is right there but not totally OUT THERE.

Also, you can incorporate neon in your accessories if you don’t want your look to be so loud.

neon outfit ideas 10

Wear your neon blouse with neutral-colored blazers, jackets, coats and pants. It’s a dazzling ensemble, giving out a neon and boho look.