Styles and Models of Coats

There are different models and styles of coats that are usually worn in winter and even in summer, but the material used in different, depending on when it is supposed to be used. Heavily textured fabrics are preferred in winter and late fall. Drap, flannel down, wool, tweed, and canvas are popular. Other materials are used in early spring and early autumn. Coats for this season is made of lighter materials such as Cashmere, velvet, jacquard, fleece, alpaca, denim, suede, and jersey.


Every woman dreams of a perfect coat. There are three types of coat silhouette – waisted, straight, trapeze shape.

classic coat

The classic coat type usually looks like an hourglass clock. It may be on the waist, a little flared or with a straight silhouette. Often, the style is completed with a belt to accentuate the waist. This coat is suitable for business people, both men and women.

Straight Silhouette

This is the most universal type of coat, which visually lengthens the figure. The length is either below the knee or slightly above, but not to the ground.

Dufflecoat is a straight cut coat more in a sporty style. This resembles a sailor jacket. It comes with a hood, pockets and buttonholes.


The wrap coat is a classic. It binds the waist with a strap and can be worn with anything, is very practical and elegant. It can have different sizes: mini, midi and maxi. This is good for plus size ladies too.

crombie coat

The Crombie coat is also a classic and usually looks like a jacket that closes down on all buttons. You will often find them in dark shades.

Trapezoidal Silhouette

The trapezoidal silhouette coat is a classic for overweight women. It allows free movement. However avoid the calf length as it will elongate your figure. Also make sure that the buttons are arranged vertically. Complete the outfit with a scarf.

The swing coat is of trapeze shape. It is flared from the shoulder, hides all imperfections and does not limit movement.

swing coat

Girls of Average Height

Girls of average height who want to look taller can achieve the desired results with coats and heels. Try the classic models. If you choose a sport style coat, then you have to wear flat sole shoes or platforms.



This is a slim fit, has a classic style and is slightly wider at the hem. It is usually short but may also be above the knee. This coast visually lengthens the legs and emphasizes the strengths of your figure.


Made usually of dark material, it is slim fit and above the knee or thigh length.

Styles of Short Coats

short coats

The short coat is good for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Short pea coat with loose style can be a sports-style double-breasted.

Bell Coat

bell coat

This is in trapezoidal shape with loose cut and Reglan sleeve type.

Hooded Coats

hooded coats

You don’t need a hat when you wear a coat with hoodie. It is good for the fall and spring when it is not too hot or cold. There are coats with hood for the summer too, but are called wind jackets.