Stunning Hair Accessories for Long Hair

Long layered hair looks beautiful when left open. But you will need to accessorize it if you are going to a party. It will make your hair look better and will also jazz up your look. Hair accessories for long hair can rock your look, add glamour, or simply add versatility to your persona.

Here are some accessories you can try.

Hair Band

hair band

You can choose from many embellished hair bands in different colors, materials and patterns. They can make even the simplest of haircuts look good. They go really well with layered cuts. You can try a hair band adorned with diamond and pearls for a formal event. Make sure to get a hair band complementing the width of you head.



Try a barrette made of plastic or wood to keep your long layered hair in place. You will get them in different designs and shapes too. You can match one with your outfit. They are functional pieces, and yet are extremely stylish.

Brooches and Jewel Pins


These are usually worn on special occasions and add a certain bling to your hairstyle. Wear one on your long layered hair to keep it from falling on your face. You are sure to look elegant in this. You can even add one to a bun or a plain braid.

Bobby Pin

bobby pin

More practical than pretty, the bobby pin is a savior for any girl! It is the perfect way to keep in place any escaping hair and makes you look neat. You can get one to match the color of your hair so that they can discreetly hold up a hair style. If you want, you may even wear a bobby pin with a jewel or pearl on it.



The good thing about ribbons is that, they look good on virtually any type of hairstyle. It gives the hair an elegant twist. A simple ribbon can be used to tie around a bun or plait it through your hair or simply wrap it around like a hair band. Once again, there are plenty of options to pick from. You will find ribbons in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.

Hair Ties

hair ties

You can custom make them to match your dress or the outfit you are wearing to a party. For instance, you can use polka dotted hair ties, lace or any other material you think is going to look good on you. You can tie it at the back to hold the hair or at the front on your forehead like a band. It will prevent the hair from falling on your face.



Flowers have been used as hair accessories for centuries, and are still popular in many cultures around the world. Some people wear flowers on hair for special occasions. It is part of the bridal costume, but you can wear flowers for other events too, if it’s the right one. Whether you wear a rose or any other flower, it will surely look good on you. Pick a color that goes with your outfit.