Study Reveals Clothes Do Make Men Sexier, Smarter, and More Successful

If updating your wardrobe isn’t one of your New Year’s resolutions, it should be. A nationwide Well-Dressed Men Survey reveals the often-underestimated importance of how a man’s wardrobe can dramatically impact his self-confidence, career, and love life.

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According to the study conducted by Kelton Research, not only are well-dressed men viewed as sexier, smarter, more successful, and more well-liked, they also fare better in relationships. In fact, 91% of Americans think dressing well can make a man appear to be more physically attractive than he really is, while nearly two-thirds (64%) believe women are more likely to marry a well-dressed man than one who isn’t as put together.

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Though beauty may be only skin deep, the survey uncovered the alluring possibilities of being well dressed, including greater sex appeal and higher workplace wages.

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Dress for Success (and Maybe Even a Raise)

As it turns out, attributes associated with dressing nicely including confidence, sophistication and intelligence, translate easily into the office environment, according to the study. Three-quarters (75%) Americans think well-dressed men are more successful in the workplace than their casual colleagues, and 22% of men actually believe they would earn more money if only they dressed better than they currently do.

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Suit Up for Sex Appeal

The way someone looks is one of the most important aspects of sexual attraction. This is why nearly three-quarters (78%) of women believe dressing well is one of the hottest things a guy can do.

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Women polled have revealed several surprising sentiments when it comes to their relationships with men and their clothes:

  • You cannot buy love: 85% women think a guy who dresses well is sexier than one who has a lot of money.
  • Women will sacrifice a lot for style: 80% women would give up something in their lives like going out to dinner for a better-dressed partner.
  • They prefer the gentleman, not the officer: 63% women find a man in a suit more attractive than one in uniform, putting to rest the classic belief that men in uniform are the ultimate sex symbols.

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Make Me Over

Surprisingly, nearly two-thirds (63%) Americans say fashion is something they hold dear. But still, if they graded themselves in their fashion sense, only 12% will give themselves an “A”. When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions:

  • 77% Americans confess their current wardrobe needs a makeover.
  • 42% say they would dress better if they simply knew how.
  • 32% women actually have taken matters into their own hands, throwing away clothing from their partners’ closets without their knowledge.

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The study revealed that nearly three out of four men feel under-dressed most of the time, so it’s no wonder so many dislike and lack confidence in shopping.

The Well-Dressed Men Survey was conducted by Kelton Research, which is an independent research firm. They surveyed nationally among 1,085 American men and women aged 25 years and older.