Street Style at The London Men’s Fashion Show

london mens fashion week 11Have you seen what the gents were wearing on the streets and shows for London Men’s Fashion Week? Well, they’ve been wearing more of the classics and less like a lumberjack. They looked dapper in fitted blazers but traditionally looser trousers and cargo pants. Here are some of the men with outstanding outfits during the LCM and a couple of ideas on what to expect during the next couple of seasons when it comes to fashion and styling.


london mens fashion week 1Men will leave out the flannels and grungy outfits to wear 50s inspired outfits that give out a more modern edge with cool, crisp lines – with a bit of preppy.


lfw 2After summer, these guys will be layering the classic fall pieces, denim jacket on denim shirt, or fitted shirt with leather biker jacket but without making it look too over the top.


london mens fashion week 3A nice pop of color is also something we’re going to see for the colder seasons, either on a pair of sneakers with a business suit or an outfit that can easily charm the ladies.


london mens fashion week 4The SS 16 London Collections Men Fashion Week catwalk was all about men who “shop like women”. As you can see, many of the gentlemen on the streets outside the fashion event made an effort in the way they dress. They don’t just wear whatever they first see lying around their wardrobe floor.


london mens fashion week 5We’re not even talking about men of the streets anymore. Men in general are taking fashion to the next level. Reports show that menswear is growing faster than womenswear with sales worth more than £290 billion just in 2014 and now worth £448 billion worldwide according to Euromonitor. In the United Kingdom, menswear contributed £12.9 billion to the UK economy alone in 2014.


lfw 8It is said that everything in the catwalk is more metrosexual, holding a generation of young men who are far more interested in fashion than any previous generations. That they’re more stylish shoppers and have been shopping like women.


london mens fashion week 7The finest look for this season has two camps – one who “looks like they don’t give a sh*t but actually everything’s really considered” and the other, “those who look like extras from The Great Gatsby”.


london mens fashion week 8Sporting a tailored look is actually a formula – you’re going to need the right shape of beard, the right suit and right pair of shoes. Dressing down is more of a challenge but one thing to consider is wearing just the right style of vintage without it being too exaggerated.


lfw 9The thing is – if you have style, you can go just about anywhere. Womenswear seemed to almost done quite a lot of things and the menswear department is only just starting.


london mens fashion week 10Another thing to consider is you want to look stylish but not styled.

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