Statement Shoes to Wear Everyday this Fall

fall shoes 7Fall isn’t only the time to be creative and artistic with layering your outfit, it’s also the time to sport those amazing footwear. Here are some of the shoes you need to wear because we’re pretty sure they’re going to upgrade your plain outfits to the next level.

White Shoes
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When everyone’s in dark and vampy colors, wearing a pair of white shoes is one way of stepping outside the box because it’s one way of shining. It will really make you stand out that won’t make you look too loud or too bold, but just right.


fall shoes 2Wedge Boots
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Remember when wedge sneakers were extremely trendy? Well, it’s still kind of on trend but in a fall-inspired twist – wedge boots. They offer not only maximum style, but also support which are perfect for everyday wear as well.


fall shoes 3Lace Up Platform Boots
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Petite ladies can benefit from these shoes because they give out an adventurous attitude. It’s a great way of making a good attention to the closet. Not all women can sport this unique footwear but if you get your feet on these, then it will be totally worth it.


fall shoes 4Studded Ankle Boots
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Forget about minimalism. This fall, it’s all about studded ankle boots. We’re talking about heavily studded boots with little to no other space left for anything else.


fall shoes 5Furry Shoes
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It’s fall’s wildest trend – furry shoes. It’s a bit intriguing as well but wearing these will surely make a statement. They can be extremely fun to wear and is a nice addition to your look to create an unexpected outfit.


What are you going to be wearing this fall?