Smart Casual Outfit Ideas for Work

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Did you just land your dream job? Congrats! After the job offer, you and the human resource manager go over all the details about your job, i.e. when you’re going to start, how much you’re going to make and most importantly, you’re dress code. She says “smart casual”.

Employees are highly expected to comply with company standards. Smart casual depends on a couple of factors including the size of the company, the number of employees, the amount of interaction between customers and employees, geography, climate, average age and culture.

Smart casual is known to be just a step higher than business casual – but nothing too formal like a boardroom outfit. Think of it as something clean and professional but still informal.

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Mix and match a chic look, more of a put-together ensemble. It’s always key to combine different elements from the dress codes like dark pair of trousers then a feminine or dressy top with a jacket and scarf.

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You can also wear something like a nice pair of slacks with a button-down blouse and a cool sport coat.

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Smart casual isn’t a fix concept. It mostly incorporate both formal and informal and are being linked often to the occasion. Since you’re wearing a smart casual to work, you’ll probably be able to get away with a bold print skirt, sweater top, blazer and high heels.

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Remember to always incorporate your personal taste in fashion that will allow your smart casual look to be flexible enough. Maybe try out some eye-catching and bold accessories, dress pants, tailored, sweaters, vests and jackets.

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Set your mind on getting a promotion because they said the smart casual look is easily adopted by employees who want to look ready for the next level.

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Avoid very informal footwear – these are sneakers, sandals and anything scuffed or broken. Choose ballet flats, pumps, sandals, etc.

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Wearing jeans to work are alright. It’s a smart-casual piece but be sure that it is stylish and in good shape. Darker colors are always fabulous paired with high heels just to ensure your look isn’t super casual.

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Many say that tees and spaghetti tank tops are not smart casual appropriate. But if you find something like an embellished and chic tee shirt paired with a beautiful pair of jeans with a cute fitted blazer then it will pass as a smart casual look.

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When you’re going to wear a dress, pick the right one. Sundresses, cocktail frocks and evening gowns are obviously not the right piece. Find something that’s in between these extremes. Something classic, simple and made with versatile fabric. All you need to complete the look are the right shoes and accessories.

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Accessories play a major role in your ensemble. Choose pieces carefully so they would easily coordinate and complement your outfit. These will help you out in putting together an effortless outfit to make you look more presentable and trendy.