Smart Buying Tips – Purchasing Quality Clothing for Men

smart buying tips 9One thing you should remember when out purchasing some clothes is to never use price as a guide. Some say price and quality comes hand in hand, but chances are, you’ve work hard for the cash so what’s the point in purchasing /cheap/ stuff?
This is a guide on how to purchase quality pieces for your wardrobe.


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First step to buying clothes is to know what it is made of. Fabric is the first thing to check when feeling the potential purchase. For example, when it comes to knit, your best choices are sheep’s wool, cashmere, linen and silk. Spend your money on these instead of nylon and all the other whack fabrics.


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Cotton is in the middle. We recommend you buy cotton clothes in person because it always vary between brands. Keep an eye out for Pima cotton, Sea Island cotton and Egyptian cotton.


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Purchasing online may be convenient but having to fill out a return form and waiting for the package isn’t really a fun moment. Unless you know how the clothes will feel on your skin, then choose online shopping. If not, then just go for old-school shopping.


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There’s this thing a lot of men do before purchasing a garment – they “scrunch it”. It’s basically scrunching up an area of the material to see if the wrinkles disappear, or if the fabric doesn’t return to its smooth appearance after doing the scrunch test.

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If it doesn’t return to its original smooth appearance, then the quality isn’t worth it. When it comes to leather, give it a scratch with your fingernail. If the scratch holds, then you know it isn’t worth it. Try rubbing it with a finger to double check as well.


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To know if it’s well-build, try tugging or pulling to see if the fabric will have any give. If there is, then leave it because it must have been cheaply and rushed constructed.


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Do a gentle tug on sweaters, collars and cuff of the knit and bomber jackets – see if they stretch or sag. You need materials with tighter, closer and evenly spaced stitches because these usually last longer.


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Don’t be tempted because some celebrity endorsed it or maybe there was a one-day flash sale. If there’s something you really wanted to purchase, try stalling for more than 20 days then think about it. Think long and hard. If you have forgotten about it after a couple of days, you probably don’t need it and can live it without it. Maybe you can ever buy something similar and a better-quality item somewhere. It might even save you some big bucks.