Skater Chic Outfit Ideas

skater chic outfit ideas 11Rock the skater look with beanies, baggy shorts and sneakers in both the catwalk and sidewalk with these skater chic outfit ideas.


skater chic outfit ideas 1First of all, you can’t rock the skater chic look without a skateboard. The thing is, if you plan on learning skateboarding, it would also be appropriate to look like a proper skater girl. You’re going to need to go to your local skate store and ask what would be appropriate for a newbie like you. Also, invest in a good helmet.


skater chic outfit ideas 2Learning how to skate is something you really need to establish on and not just pose with the board for social media purposes. Commit to learning even the basics. It may take a while but it’s going to look and feel pretty cool once you start doing some tricks.


skater chic outfit ideas 3When it comes to style, you can’t just rock sneakers anymore. Some are pretty comfortable wearing boots, rubber sandals, and the like. When you get pretty good at this sport, you can then wear whatever is comfortable for you.


skater chic outfit ideas 4Don’t just wear the usual skate brands you know and heard of. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a cute dress, a matching top and bottom outfit and a nice pair of sandals.


skater chic outfit ideas 5Hangout with people who skates. You’re going to be super impressed with their tricks that it’s going to want you to work hard on your tricks.


skater chic outfit ideas 6Also, learn some skate terms and phrases. Those are pretty important.


skater chic outfit ideas 7When it comes to boasting, don’t boast that you skate like a pro when you actually don’t.


skater chic outfit ideas 8Don’t be afraid of getting scuffs on your brand new skateboard. Getting scuffs will make you super believable as a skater.


skater chic outfit ideas 9Wanting to wear makeup while skating? Go ahead. But maybe choose a lighter coverage like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.


skater chic outfit ideas 10Lastly, there’s no need for you to look too hard. Just do your best and have fun.