Simple Yet Sophisticated Style Tips For Your Summer Wedding

The key to a successful summer wedding is choosing a dress and accessories which will enable you to look stylish and sophisticated whilst remaining cool and refreshed despite the warm weather. To help you do so, here are some helpful hints on how to achieve effortless summer wedding style;

chiffon wedding dress
Avoid becoming hot and flustered on your special day by designing your wedding dress in a lightweight fabric such as crepe, voile over silk or cotton organza. The chiffon wedding dress displayed above is a popular choice for brides planning a beach ceremony because it will drape beautifully as you walk across sandy shores.

delicate dress with lace
If you are planning an outdoor summer reception then you may wish to consider avoiding a long train and instead invest in a delicate dress with lace detailing as shown above. By doing so, you can still wear a dress that incorporates a sophisticated, eye-catching design on the back but without the inconvenience of gathering up grass stains!

delicate dress with lace
Extravagant up-dos and meticulously sculpted hairstyles often lose their shape during hot, humid weather. To avoid troublesome locks from detracting from the elegant air of your special day, it is recommended you wear your hair in a pulled-back chignon like this one pictured above. Alternatively a half-up hair do or loose curls held together with colour-coordinated ribbons will achieve the same elegant effect.

compact clutch with pastel hues
A bespoke wedding bag can imbue a sophisticated twist on conventional wedding accessories. Take for instance the bride displayed above; she has chosen a compact clutch with pastel hues that offsets the classical style elements of her dress. You can achieve the same effect by investing in a luxurious corsage that can be worn on your wrist or attached to your purse.

sophisticated look
Although fresh summer blooms can look elegant during a summer wedding, it is recommended that you refrain from incorporating them within your hairstyle because the warm weather can cause them to wilt and lose their fresh, crisp hues. Instead, you can achieve a simple yet sophisticated look by choosing single coloured bouquets that strike a vibrant contrast with your wedding dress and those of your bridal party. This look is executed flawlessly by the bridal party pictured above who offset a decadent red against crisp white tones.

vintage brooch
Vintage brooches are a great way to offset simply styled wedding dresses. For instance, the bride pictured above has used a collection of vintage brooches within her bouquet to accentuate the simple stylistic traits of her wedding dress.

antique linen
Ensure that you remain cool, composed and effortless chic throughout your summer ceremony by opting for a tea length bridal dress. Beachside ceremonies are ideal for these types of dresses as you can dance till the sun goes down, remain cool, and even dip your toes in the sea without worrying about your train! The bride pictured above encapsulates cool and casual wedding chic with her fit and flare tea length bridal dress.

v-neck neckline ball gown wedding dress
Princess style dresses are often made with heavy fabrics, so you would think that they would be unsuitable for warm weather ceremonies. However, by following the practices of the bride photographed above and opting for a princess style gown made from lightweight tulle, you can capture the same stylistic elements of a conventional princess style wedding gown without suffering the adverse effects associated with heavier winter fabrics.

vibrant heels
A stunning pair of vibrant heels are a fantastic way to inject a touch of colour during your summer ceremony. For instance, the bridal party displayed above have offset subtle white dresses with vibrant heels and matching bouquets. The resulting image is a bold yet beautiful twist on conventional bridal party attire.

By following these simple yet sophisticated style tips, you can remain cool, comfortable and looking effortlessly chic throughout your special day!