Simple Ways to Wear Lingerie Outside

slip 9We’ve made a post about slip dresses becoming a huge thing for next spring and summer, but did you know that a lot of women are already sporting lingerie outside of the bedroom?

You might get shy and nervous at the thought, but don’t worry. Feel comfortable and confident while looking truly amazing in the process.


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Imagine how good would you look when you pair your slip dress with skinny jeans? That would be totally awesome.


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Wear lingerie to your date night outside of the bedroom by incorporating lace or sheer fabrics to make your bar see-through for a sexy vibe.


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If you’re confident about your thighs and bum, sport a romantic look with a sheer skirt and high-waist/high panties.


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Layer your slip dress with a sweater for a nice work outfit and maybe you can even add dark stockings and high heels to your look for a smart yet casual outfit.


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If you have a sheer top, wear a nude bra for an awesome casual look. It’s a pretty hard to see because its color is close to your skin tone and people will be confused and curious.


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Don an all-black ensemble with a black bra, sheer black top and leather skirt.


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You’re going to need to try a look that’s pretty weird for you. Like a sheer slip with a long-sleeved top over, jeans and high heels.


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For a great night out look, pair a metallic skirt with a sheer top and black bra.