Shoes Style and Tips to Wear for Women with Wide Feet

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It’s such a struggle looking for cute shoe styles for ladies with wide or large feet. Not all shoe brands make widths or consider wider feet, so you need to work with what’s out there.

Just like clothes, brands varies so it’s just trial and error.

Nevertheless of the brands, there are so many shoe styles that suit wider foot better than others.

Here are some important things to consider to help you choose wide feet shoe styles that will feel like it isn’t a shore.


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Avoid the points. Yes, they’re extremely sexy. But for women with wide feet, these aren’t for you. These aren’t made for you. Step away from these points, ladies.


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Shoe straps are lovely until they start to dig into your feet. An unstitched piece of leather will mold to your foot better than any stitched strap.


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Pay attention to how the straps on your feet. No matter how lovely the shoes are, the “muffin top” foot version isn’t an attractive look.


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Using straps that are styled T-bar or Mary Jane will help hold your foot back in the shoe which is a big help for more room to wiggle your toes.


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Soft leathers and suede will mold to your feet better than patent leathers. The coating applied on patent leather won’t stretch at all. Go for leather uppers and linings and avoid synthetics.


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If the shoes are tight around the balls of your feet, you can easily stretch it out, especially since it’s made of leather.


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You can go to the shoe repair store and they’ll put them on a shoe stretcher for a couple of days then it will feel comfortable after.


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If you want to do it yourself, get yourself a shoe stretching spray. Make sure you do a patch test first to see if it won’t change the color of your shoes. Pop your shoes on then walk in them for a couple of hours then it’ll be okay.


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When your shoes aren’t comfortable when you try it in the shop, then it will never, ever be comfortable enough to wear.