Shoe Must-Haves for Every Woman

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 13

Just like what Carrie Bradshaw said, a woman could never have too many shoes. Searching for the right pair of shoes could totally make a difference when it comes to completing your look. If you have really expensive and high quality shoes but your wardrobe is from the thrift store, everything about you will look high quality (as long as the clothes fit you well and your hair and makeup is done alright).

As tempting as it can be to stock your shoe closet with fluffy, glittery and towering heels, we have to say that it’s not the most practical thing to do.

We’ve culled up the 12 key (or secret weapon) shoe styles that every woman should have in her closet. Collect all of these bold flats, heels and sneakers to save yourself from contemplating on what-to-wear moments and those ever-present blisters.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 1
Basic Ballet Flats

These pair of shoes is totally versatile. You can wear them to work, for play, errands, mall, and casual, anywhere. Convince yourself to buy a couple of quality pairs of these. You won’t ever regret them.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 2
Summer Wedges

It’s almost spring time and it’s time to hide those chic boots and shift to the seasonal sandals. Wedges are very easy to walk in and very easy to pair with dresses, even casual denim shorts.

Can’t pick between the Jimmy Choo ‘Pallis’ or the TOMS Canvas wedges as our faves.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 3
Casual Slip-ons or Sneakers

While gym sneakers are meant for the gym, a basic slip-on is a wardrobe basic that is very must worth investing in. You can easily pair them with jeans or shorts with a nice top.

Obsessed with this super chic YSL Skate Slip-Ons and the Geo Floral Old Skool sneakers from VANS.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 4
Ankle-Strap Sandals

These are pretty stylish and go with just about anything. Also, they lengthen your legs and who wouldn’t want that?

The Lipsy Clara Barely There strappy sandals are pretty cute.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 5

Everyday Sandals

Well, it’s a waaaaaaaaay cooler alternative to flip-flops. Choose a pair that you’d be happy to wear on a regular basis. There are those with cute stones and designs, patterns and many more.

Take a look at this ASOS Feather Weight Leather flats and these gorgeous Aintso-R from Steve Madden. Get on ASOS now because they’re having a massive sale.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 6
Short-Stacked Heels

One of the 90s trend that is making a huge comeback. It gives you that extra bit of height you need without feeling discomfort.

Here’s a not-so-short-stacked heels from Calvin Klein and the Zara Block Heel sandals.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 7
Black pumps (pointed or round toe)

These pair of shoes (whether in leather or suede) is an ultimate go-to. It’s when you want to look dressy and sophisticated even if your outfit is plain and simple. Also, pointed toes could help elongate your leg (but it really depends on your outfit). Go for classic styles with reasonable prices. Yes, we’re thinking the same thing – if you can, invest in Christian Louboutins because they’re absolutely the bomb when it comes to pumps.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 8
Brown/Neutral Hue Ankle Boots

Boots go with absolutely everything, especially the neutral-colored ones because they will serve you well for the entire year. These will help add a little edge to your look. It’s best to pair them with jeans or dresses. These booties from Yves Saint Laurent are too die for!

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 9
Animal Print Heels

Want to add a bit of sultriness to your look? A snakeskin or leopard heels will just do the trick. Choose a neutral-colored print so it’s easy to mix and match with other prints.

Who doesn’t love these Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels?

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 10
Metallic Heels

Perfect for an evening look – that one thing that can totally spice up your entire look. Also, you could even wear these to work during daytime.

We would love to get our hands on the Topshop GALLOP Metallic Court shoes! Absolutely divine!

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 11
All-Weather Boots

Want something chic and practical at the same time? Choose a quality pair of all-weather boots. These are pretty helpful during fall, winter, and rain (or just about anything) because these types of boots will be protecting you from the elements.

Also, they’re sort off made for those weather/seasons so you don’t have to worry about ruining it, but don’t forget to take proper care of it.

One of our faves is the POLO Ralph Lauren Landen boots.

women shoe must have in every wardrobe closet 12
Tall Flat Boots

An essential for cold weather, especially equestrian styles, will give your shirt and jeans look a whole new level of oomph!

If we could get our hands on the Gucci leather boots, we will!