Semi-Formal Outfits for Men

A semi-formal event is something between formal and informal. The dress code for this could simply understood as “dressier that your everyday or business attire but not entirely formal for tuxedos and gowns”.

We’ve come up with semi-formal outfit ideas for men and some strategies on how to look your most handsome self for the event.

semi formal clothes for men 1

For special events like this, remember to groom yourself. Remember the 3 S’s – Shower, style and shave. A nice long shower is always helpful to calm your nerves especially if the event is for you, take time in styling your hair because nobody wants to see a dishevel-haired man and shave because, well, shaving could sometimes change your entire face.

semi formal clothes for men 2

Seriously, who wants to see a man with a wrinkly button down shirt? Iron the one you’ll be wearing before the event. Also, make sure you’re wearing a clean one.

semi formal clothes for men 3

For daytime semi-formal events, you can wear button down shirts with subtle patterns or stripes. Wearing a patterned shirt can instantly upgrade your entire outfit.

semi formal clothes for men 4

Tuxedos are a no-no when it comes to semi-formal events. A suit will do. Wear a suit in lighter color when you’re going to a daytime event. It could be a light brown or cream. While for a nighttime event, you can choose between a navy blue or dark gray suit. Avoid wrinkly, loose or tight suits.

semi formal clothes for men 5

Also, a vest would go nicely with your suit. So go ahead and add one for a more polished look.

semi formal clothes for men 6

A tie for semi-formal events is mainly optional. But if you decide to wear one, don’t go for loud and bold prints. it should be simple and matches your suit nicely.

semi formal clothes for men 8

Belt is a necessity. Choose a good belt that is made of leather.

semi formal clothes for men 7

For the shoes, you have a lot of choices. It could be laced-up leather shoes, dressy loafers, even oxfords that will match your suit. Pair the shoes you chose with dark socks.

semi formal clothes for men 10

For added elegance, lightly spray some cologne on your pulse points.

semi formal clothes for men 9

Don’t ruin your look with lots of accessories. A nice-looking watch is all you need sometimes.

semi formal clothes for men 11

Lastly, don’t overdress. It will make you visually catching (in a negative way).