Seductive Vampire Costumes for Women this Halloween

Want to vamp up your costume this Halloween? Give in to the blood lust in these sexy vampire costumes for women. Be prepared to sink your teeth into these provocative dresses.

Being a vampire is a balance of elegance and terrifying nocturnal activities. If you’re going to live forever, you’re going to need a timeless look. Forget Disney costumes and movie/TV costumes. Check these out.


Scarlet Mistress Vampire Costume

vampire-costume-1Wade through the darkness by wearing this Scarlet Mistress Vampire costume for women. With a lovely damask pattern on the dress, you’ll surely feel like a mistress of shadows. This costume is versatile that you can even wear it as a hot sorceress or as a seductive witch.


Gothic Robe Costume

vampire-costume-1Give a vibe of dangerous, enigmatic and inviting by wearing this elaborate red and black damask dress. You’re sure to wow people in this lovely and alluring gown.


Black Spider Vampire Costume

vampire-costume-33A dramatic 50-inch black spider gown that features an elaborate lace overlay that even has an eye-catching black lacy wing will surely make everyone stop on their tracks to stare at your mysterious costume.


Bloody Beautiful Vampire Costume

vampire-costume-1Vampires come out to play as soon as the sun goes down. Transform into this deadly vampire dame by showing off your dark side in this stunning vampire costume idea. Feel as timeless as Dracula by completing your look with fangs.


Steampunk Victorian Vampiress Costume

vampire-costume-1A cool twist to the regular vampire costume, this steampunk will surely make you look like a fierce and elegant blood-sucking Vampiress for Halloween.


Victorian Vamp Adult Costume

vampire-costume-1Get trapped in time as a Victorian vampire in this chic and sensual costume. Rule the vampire kingdom in this getup.


Versailles Vampire Costume

vampire-costume-1Aristocracy and majestic styling are the virtual meaning of the past ages of Versailles. Have kindness on simple commoners by showing up at the Halloween party in this elegant and luxurious black satin dress.


Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume

vampire-costume-1Being dreadful is one thing but being delightfully dreadful is another thing. This night outfit gives a majestic class as well as making the commoners fearful of you.


Vampire Vixen Adult Costume

vampire-costume-1Transform into a blood-thirsty vampire for Halloween wearing this seductive costume. This, for sure, is going to lure any victim.


Gothic Mistress Adult Costume

vampire-costume-1With this simple black dress, you can wear this as a basis for your next costume for Halloween. Wear this as a vampire, witch, evil pirate or other gothic beings. It’s so basic that you can even wear this on normal days.


Bite Me Costume

vampire-costume-1With this look, you’re going to get everybody’s attention. Once you have it, you can enchant them and distract their senses. Play with whoever you want in the room with the ominous tone behind you.


Kill two birds with one costume because most of these vampire costumes can be worn as so many different characters.


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