Secrets to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

expensive 9Be surprised on how many pieces you already own. All you got to do now is know where, when and how you should style it.


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Try pairing chic sandals with minimalist separates. Sometimes simplicity is key.


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If you feel a color block outfit, try with neutrals and royal hues for a more sophisticated vibe.


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To achieve a classy work wear even when paired with jeans, drape a blazer over your shoulders.


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If you feel like your outfit is lacking something, just add a medium-brimmed hat to complete your look.


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Instead of those fancy stones your grandmother loves wearing, swap them for a strong metal bracelet.


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Always go for a nice mixture of dressy and casual.


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Another way of accessorizing is by tying a silk handkerchief around your neck.


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Sometimes an understated outerwear piece will make itself a strong statement.