Sailor Outfit Ideas for Halloween

What better way to show your support for the troops than to wear cute nautical looks for Halloween? If you’re tired of being a vampire or a bunny every Halloween, try out these sailor outfit ideas.

While most men would choose sailor outfits with the classic white, black and navy blue colors, women would wear them in endless varieties.

The great thing about wearing these is that you can adapt some of the outfits to become a daily look. Keep your personal style along when selecting the pieces for your sailor costume.

sailor outfit ideas 1

But who would forget about Sailor Moon and all her Sailor friends? They were all so cute and strong at the same time. Not everyone would go to a sailor-themed party wearing a Sailor Moon costume. I’m pretty sure they would be, “Dang! I didn’t think of Sailor Moon when I thought of my costume.”

Plus points for you for thinking outside of the box.

sailor outfit ideas 2

Don’t just sail off to the sunset without being fashionably dressed for the event in this cute navy blue sailor outfit. It looks very fun and classic. Don’t forget to add the reddest lipstick you own.

Wear a corset and petticoat to get more of that oldies vibe.


Try out this French Sailor outfit. Just find a striped vintage top and a good pair of high-wasted trousers, top it off with a red beret to get the whole French feel.

Use accessories that are vintage-looking and instead of wearing flats, wear oxford-style heels.

sailor outfit ideas 4

Get the boats rocking with this look. If you‘re torn between Lolita and being a sailor, there are Sailor-Lolita-inspired garments just for you. You might need to add a petticoat to give it more fullness. Make sure to look the part.

Fix your hair and makeup the way Lolita dolls look like and you’re just good to go. Don’t forget to strike a kawaii pose.

sailor outfit ideas 5

This is another Sailor Moon inspired outfit, instead this is Sailor Mars. We know her from having long black hair and have a cute little red dress.

While most sailors spend their days passing through ocean after ocean on their ship, other sailors get magical powers from other planets to protect the planet Earth from super villains.

This outfit is perfect for a warm Halloween night and you just want to wear comfortable clothing.

sailor outfit ideas 6

This look will get all the mariners to stand up and salute in this adorable jumpsuit, perfect for a warm afternoon. Complete the look with comfortable plain white socks and lively seafaring heels for a sexy vibe.

sailor outfit ideas 7

Be a sailor ballerina!

Who would have thought that a tutu and a mariner blouse would look this good? Also, with the checkered and striped knee-high socks?

It’s very artistic and unique, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a trend yet.

Braid your hair into pigtails and don’t forget your nekton beret to complete the look. Wear black creepers instead of heels or boots because the clothes are already good enough.

It’s important to try things out and if it looks good on you, flaunt it.

sailor outfit ideas 8

Tired of the plain, old navy blue nautical dresses? Why don’t you find them in red instead? Not just any red dress, but a dress with cute little matryoshka prints? It looks very classic and fun. You wouldn’t even think of this outfit as boring. The party will be nothing but smooth sailing.

sailor outfit ideas 9

Try out a lace top and a high-waisted stripe skirt? This look will still provide a very nautical look, especially if you add the sailor hat.

sailor outfit ideas 10

This look is a mixture of elegance and posh. If you’re going to a more formal party with a maritime theme, this is the look for you.

If you’re not into the navy blue color, wear them in reds or white and black instead.

A nautical adventure awaits you!

sailor outfit ideas 11

Be on the right side of any ship’s crew. You can also look very mariner with a simple white tank top and a striped side slit maxi skirt. It’s simple, gorgeous and very comfortable.

Don’t forget to wear the navy’s hat and sunglasses to complete the look.

sailor outfit ideas 12

For a change of dresses and skirts, wear a striped playsuit. Add a cute red bandana and wear vintage red sunglasses to give your outfit a whole level of style.

Tease your hair for more volume, giving it a more pin up vibe.

If this is not very nautical for you, add a henna of an anchor on your arm.

sailor outfit ideas 13

Houndstooth and sailor jacket? Well, it works pretty well. This outfit is very chic. It’s simple, adaptable for an everyday look and will keep you warm during the cold Halloween night.

sailor outfit ideas 14

The color combination of the entire outfit is striking. The look is classic but gives a modern twist. If you’re tired of all the other vintage and retro-inspired nautical outfits presented above, this is the look you need.