Sail the Seven Seas in These Pirate Costume Ideas

Back in the day, many believed that women were bad luck on ships. So being a lady pirate was difficult back then. Now, it’s awesome to know that times have totally changed. Show them what a real pirate you can be wearing these pirate costume ideas for Halloween. Be a real life pirate inspire by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean in these irresistible costume ideas.


Buccaneer Adult Pirate Costume


Show them that any lady can be just as good of a pirate as a man can. Turn into a tough and ruthless buccaneer in this pirate costume for Halloween and other themed parties. Set sail for dangerous adventures with your crewmembers and enjoy the ride.


Seaworthy Pirate Female Adult Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1Set sail for a swashbuckling ride in this alluring pirate costume for ladies. By wearing this sexy disguise, you’ll become the most notorious pirate around.


Buried Treasure Beauty Adult Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1While this ensemble is in tatters, you know there are always some hidden jewelries in there. This costume will not only get you precious gems but also will make the guys hunting for riches around you.


Cruel Seas Captain Adult Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1The sea can be cruel and dark but it shouldn’t stop you from becoming a sweet-looking buccaneer in this lovely apparel. This pirate outfit will suit any ship captain.


Captain Black Heart Adult Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1Put on a dark and mysterious getup this Halloween that will sure to have everyone call you Captain. This Captain Black Heart costume will make you look like you don’t have mercy and patience for rudeness.


Pirate Women’s Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1Make one sword a swiping legend donning this awesome lady pirate costume. It will certainly get on board with and will be the talk of the town.


Women’s Vixen Pirate Wench Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1Bring sexy back to the port. Shore and then leave wearing this sexy costume that’s sure to spice things up at your next party.


Captain of the Night Sexy Pirate Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1Sail the seven seas wearing this Captain of the Night ensemble that features a waist and cincher to show off your lovely curves.


Women’s Authentic Caribbean Pirate Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1Make anyone walk the plank as you team up with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. This authentic Caribbean wardrobe that will make you become a brave and beautiful pirate ship captain.


Prestige Women’s Angelica Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1If you’re tough and worth your salt, you definitely can become one decent pirate. Becoming the daughter of Captain Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow’s lover, you surely have to be one of the best pirates in the Caribbean. This wardrobe is modeled to look like the real Angelica from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.


Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume

halloween-pirate-costume-1Board this year’s Halloween ship in high seas by sporting this lady buccaneer costume. Ready to be on the ship in style and get your booty on.


Are you ready to sail towards journey and unknown? Focus more on having an exciting adventure in disguise of your own.


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