Rugged Outfit Ideas for Men

Women are suddenly attractive to men who wears a rugged outfit. There’s something about that unconsciously pulled together outfit that makes them drawn to guys with this fashion sense. Don’t know what we’re talking about? See the rugged outfit ideas for men below.


imageA striped tee paired with denim jeans and a tan leather jacket with tam shoes.


imageAn outfit which consists of a super cool jacket. It’s super easy to find one-of-a-kind outerwears in thrift shops and vintage stores. If you’re feeling creative, do it yourself.


imageKhaki trousers, brown shirt, jean jacket and combat boots.


imageTry an almost-neat athletic-inspired outfit like this one. Just don’t overdo it so you wouldn’t look douchey.


imageLayering is a must. Experiment with textures like this one – denim jacket, vest and polo shirt paired with khakis and brown oxfords.


imageLike the previous one but this is more appropriate in colder months.


imageSplurge in a super awesome blazer which you know fits you nicely. Make sure it’s pretty versatile allowing you to wear it inside and outside the office.


imageTurtlenecks aren’t only for women. They made one particularly for men. Wear it with a cool jacket and a pair of boots to give out a bad boy vibe.