Right Outfits for Men at Business Meetings

You cannot avoid business meetings. You may have to go to them every now and then, and how you look is going to matter certainly there.

formal business attire for men

It is a misconception that your professionalism is only judged by your overall attitude towards work. The way you dress also plays an important role. In fact, if you haven’t met them before, then there is always the risk that they might form an opinion about you even before you make that presentation or tell them what you think about the decisions about to be made. So how you look certainly plays an important role.

formal business attire for men

Here are some classic dressing styles for business meetings in 2016.

3 Piece Suit

3 piece suit

A man dressed in a three-piece suit for a professional business meeting always looks good. This is the most professional and matured look, no matter how old you are. No, it is not essential that you should always wear colors like brown, black or gray. The fact is that, you can make it more chic by wearing different shades of cream, green and blue. If you are in a profession where you have to wear the suit at meetings, then you should have at least four to five dress suits in your wardrobe of different colors or shades of black, brown, blue, gray or green.

Dress Suit for Casual Business Meeting

casual business attire for men

If your business meetings are mostly casual, then you can get a more casual look. But having said this, of course, you cannot wear jeans and a t-shirt. Your outfit shouldn’t be too formal. It should be something in between. For example, you can wear a dress shirt with a blazer or a sports jacket. Choose colors carefully as it will reflect your intelligence and abilities.

Velvet Coat

velvet coat for men

If you want to look classy and professional at the same time, then you can go for a custom made shirt under a black or a navy blue velvet coat. This combination will make you look a stunner. A black velvet coat is a must-have for every man. You can pair it with a shirt in different shades of pink, blue peach and even white.

Other Things to Remember

ties for men

If you wear ties, you must be careful that the color of your tie does not get lost in the shirt you are wearing. Try to combine so that if the tie is light colored, the shirt you wear should be dark, and if the shirt is light-colored, then your tie needs to be dark.

Dark blue jeans with a white cotton shirt can be the classic look for a casual business meeting. But you can wear other colors too and look good in them as well.

formal shoes for men

Finally, pay attention to your shoes and belts too. You have to match them with your outfit to complete the look and look fabulous. Shoes do play a significant role in the overall look, but are often overlooked. Here’s a good idea – try to match the color of your shoes and belt.