Reach Your Brow Goals with These Products

eyebrow products 8Brows are the frame of your face. When it looks weird, your entire face looks weird. We just can’t just stress it enough that your brows should always be on point. It needs the proper TLC it needs. If you want to achieve the perfect brows of your dreams, all you need are five simple products to become the next Lily Collins (or Cara Delevingne, or whoever you’re brow-spiration is really).

eyebrow products 1Getting your brows done can be a little high maintenance. If you want to get your brows shaped, go to the salon. After that, maintain the strays and excess hair with tweezers. It’s pretty easy to groom, in all honesty.


eyebrow products 2Even if your brows are already thick, you still need a brow pen. Having this handy will give you freedom to shape your eyebrows. Also, the illusion of bolder brows by filling in sparse areas.


eyebrow products 3A brow powder can also be handy paired with your brow pen since it will easily give your brows a more natural look.


eyebrow products 4Set your brow powder by filling in your brows with tinted brow mascara. These are little mascara-type for brows, slightly similar to the lashes but has a smaller wand. Applying this will keep the hair in place. When choosing the right shade for yourself, choose a shade that a little lighter than your hair color for a softer effect.


eyebrow products 5A spoolie brush will help in keeping your brows blended all together while polished and shaped well. Also, this product is something you should use before you tweeze your brows. It’s always vital to comb your brows in place.


Milani Brow & Eye HighlightersLastly, you’re going to need a highlighter. This will arch your brows and will give it a natural, clean finish. All you need to do is apply a tiny bit of highlighter under your brows then blend it so it doesn’t look too harsh. You could use a champagne or white eye-shadow, an eye-pencil or simply a highlighting powder