Quick Guide to Hipster Style


Say anything you want about the hipster style, but this very amazeballs way of dressing had become an enormous impact on pop culture, street style and the fashion world. We know “hipster” as the style that emerged in the early 2000s, going for the messy yet chic and fashionable look. To dress like a hipster, you must combine attractive geek look with a hint of retro mockery. Looking like a hipster is the definition of “calculated cool”.

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While the flower crown is a staple in every hipster’s closet, try a solid turban or a headscarf that will suit an everyday look.

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For hipsters, fashion is just as important as your taste in music. Many of them continue to shop at their local thrift/vintage stores because the clothes they find there are one-of-a-kind. Something you really wouldn’t see in malls. They tend to avoid labeled or branded stores, those that are well-known, but instead support independent retailers. You can find one from your local mixed fashion stores.

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Patterned jeans can easily be worn with a casual or solid top. Pair it with sleek heels or sandals.

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Choose a fitted cut flannel shirt. Don’t go for an oversized men’s flannel shirt. Pair your stylish flannel with high-waisted jeans to rock that 70s-inspired style.

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Choose from band shirts that are very popular in the early decades like Metallica, Van Halen and Pink Floyd.

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Also, don’t be afraid of wearing plaid shirts, cowboy shirts, gingham, checkers, and even vintage florals.

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Nothing is wrong with cropped top. Just remember that the lower the waist on your bottoms, the longer the top should be. If you’re going for a really short cropped top, then pair it with high-waist pants or skirt.

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Also, a button-up in pale denim is a must-have. It will look ultra chic paired with shorts and oxford shoes.

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Vintage dresses that are patterned, floral or lace. You can definitely find one from your grand mum’s closet. If hers is a bit big on you, sew and restyle the entire dress. Make it work for you.

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Choose cowboy boots, combat boots, vintage shoes and anything unusual when it comes to your shoes please take note that converse isn’t hipster anymore. They’ve become so popular that everybody wears them.

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If you’re going for trainers, choose the classics and old-modeled ones.

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The wide-brimmed hat is a classic. Stick to black hats or any solid and dark ones. Colorful and patterned hats are a big no-no.

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An overall is one of the most divisive of the hipster fashion trend. Opt for classic denim and fitted styles.

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While hipsters love baggy clothes, don’t get used to wearing them all year long. The perfect time to wear one is during fall and winter. You can easily pair it with hot shoes and a messenger bag. You can ever wear an oversized sweater without the need for pants.

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The giant round glasses – don’t ever forget about this.