Quick and Easy Tips on How to Shop for Petite Clothes

petite shopping 11Women below 5’5 are pretty familiar with the risk of clothes shopping. Chances are, you’re always going to have too-long pants hems, massive armholes, extremely long jackets and skirts that would make you look like a kid playing with their mother’s clothes. Being petite can sometimes be a challenge especially when clothes shopping.

Here’s a little secret for you – petite women can pull of just about anything as long as they pay close attention to fit and proportion.

Below are some shopping tips to make sure that you’re buying the right pieces for your petite frame.


petite shopping 1
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To look taller instantly, choose scoop or v necklines.


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When it comes to your trousers, go for pants that come with an inseam length that is close to your correct inseam for the best fit.


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Make sure the top of your sleeves sit on the bony tops of your shoulders instead of drooping down the arm.


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Steer clear from boxy or tops and dresses with excess fabrics, unless you’re going to add shape to your figure with the help of a belt.


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If your top or dress taper or have seams on the waistline, just make sure it lines up with your actual waist.


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When it comes to prints, embrace small motifs so it won’t overpower your petite frame.


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When shopping for dresses and tops, make sure the armholes won’t expose any of your bra.


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Your skirt hem should be above-the-knee because that’s what petite women look best with.