Prom Accessories

prom accessories 11You think you’re all ready for prom? Check out this list of prom accessories to make sure your ensemble isn’t too plain and boring for that special night.

prom accessories 1This is a fun way to spice up your nails. Most girls would go for a traditional French Tip manicure but if you’re bored of the usual, get yourself one of these glitter nail arts. You can coat your nails with a black base then just stick on these gold glitters then you get instant glamorous nails without spending too much. These nail arts are available at your local supermarket. Better get yourself some now before it runs out of stock.


prom accessories 2This would look really pretty when you’re wearing a pastel cocktail dress with long sleeves since wearing a bracelet wouldn’t really show. It’s pretty stunning and elegant, the perfect ring accessory if you’re not a fan of bejeweled nails.


prom accessories 3A “princess” clutch like these sparkling crystals is something you need to store your belongings like your phone, some tissues, a mini bottle of perfume and lipstick.


prom accessories 4Headpieces are not necessary but adding one will instantly brighten up your look. Choose a simple one with an intricate design and just place it at the back of your head. Make sure your hair is curled so it would look really pretty.


prom accessories 5Continuing the elegant route, accessorize your dress with a beautiful teardrop necklace in rose gold and diamonds.


prom accessories 6Incorporate a boho-style accessory to your prom ensemble. Just like the classic, this will also look really good on you.


prom accessories 7Feel like the belle of the ball by wearing glittery and shimmering high heels. They’re super cute and lovely and we’re pretty sure there are a lot of designs to choose from that will easily go with your prom dress.


prom accessories 8Get those Grecian vibes going on with a Grecian double swirl upper arm cuff. It’s just like bracelets but you put this on your arm. This will look really great when your gown is long and flowing on the ground.


prom accessories 9Sometimes, you don’t need a necklace or an extravagant headpiece – chandelier earrings could instantly amp up the look you think has something lacking.


prom accessories 10When in doubt, go nude. This is the perfect color of footwear you should be wearing if you’re not really sure what will go great with your dress.