Preppy Outfit Ideas

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Preppy isn’t just a fashion trend – it’s actually a lifestyle as well. Being neat, conservative and confident, the preps know how to style a look, stay clean and neat, and just being prim and proper. Below are some outfit ideas on the preppy style and some how-to on rocking the preppy style like you were born preppy.

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It’s obvious – you need to start with you. In order for you to look fresh and clean, proper hygiene is needed. Shower every day. Have you seen a preppy person with greasy hair and BO? It’s important you take care of yourself.

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To fight acne, zits and other skin problems, choose a good cleanser for your face. Also, brush your teeth every after meal so your pearly whites won’t get stained by drinking tea or coffee and smoking.

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The preppy girl’s makeup look is pretty much a fresh and natural look. No need for shimmering eye shadow or a dramatic smokey eye.

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Maybe start with a good base like a tinted moisturizer to protect your skin and get a bit of coverage. Then add a natural look bronzer, a bit of blush, some mascara to lengthen your lashes, groomed brows and a little bit of lipstick that will look natural on you.

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For your preppy wardrobe, the ultimate preppy brands are Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and many more which you can find here.

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The color scheme when it comes to preppy men and women or boys and girls are simple – white, black, navy and beige, a bit of pastel, some peach or one bold color to go with your light-toned piece. For the patterns, they commonly wear plaid, floral, stripes, gingham and argyle.

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For the shoes, you could always wear ballet flats, boat shoes, cute wedges and high heels but aren’t too high.

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Stick to fabrics that are 100% natural, like cotton and linen. When you shop for your preppy wardrobe, always choose clothes that will fit you nicely – nothing too loose or too tight – nothing too revealing or flashy.

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Keep your accessories simple and classy. These could be pearls, studs (little), precious stones or anything your mother, aunt or grandmother would wear to afternoon tea time.

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How you behave and present yourself is the last piece of this preppy style guide. You need to be polite, respectful, soft-spoken and considerate so the others would feel the authenticity. You need to behave like you’re a scholar. Good posture is always important. Stop slouching and carry yourself with confidence of a true preppy.