Preppy Outfit Ideas with Combat Boots

Combat boots are timeless fashion staples. Combining style is something women master naturally. It’s actually very easy and it is possible to mix two totally different styles without looking like a mess.

Preppy and punk are completely opposites but if you choose the right bits and pieces to come up for an outfit, you’ll be happy to keep doing it again. Here are some preppy outfit ideas with combat boots and tips on how to combine both preppy and punk styles.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 2

One of the simplest ways to mix both preppy and punk is through your footwear. Go for a good pair of combat boots, a tartan skirt and a statement shirt. It’s totally cute without having to overdo it.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 3

Pair your combat boots with dark-toned clothing like these black jeans. It will look more edgy if your jeans are distressed and ripped in some parts. No need to overspend on thousand-dollar distressed jeans because you can surely do it yourself with some of your old pairs and maybe getting some from thrift shops.

Continue to add preppy to your look by wearing a cute pastel collared long sleeved shirt with beaded collars and don’t forget to add a bowler hat.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 7

Another way to combine the two opposites is through blazers. There are different types, textures and colors out there; it will be easy for you to combine them to your attire. Preppy fashionistas usually wear blazers in dark colors like navy, black, maroon and some wear them in pastel colors.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 10

Tartan print is a preppy staple. Add a leather jacket, your colored combat boots and jeans – this look is perfect for pubs and concerts.

Wearing the right outerwear over a current outfit top is essential to compliment your boots.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 6

Look sophisticated and a bit punk rock with a houndstooth pants with a white tailored blazer, black turtleneck, gold chain necklace and your combat boots.

Chain necklaces and other statement necklace are very preppy. They look great with whatever preppy-inspired outfit you decide to wear.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 8

This Blair Waldorf blouse is a must-have when deciding to rock the preppy look. It looks so innocent and sweet but with a masculine feel because of the high-heeled combat boots.

Invest in good printed and solid skirts for versatility. These are important in becoming a true preppy fashionista.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 1

Make your combat boots standout by adding plastic flowers to them. Just make sure that it’s an old pair or something you don’t mind reconstructing.

Adding opaque tights over your dresses and skirts will give your legs and bum some extra support especially when you’re wearing lightweight dresses. There are a ton of colors you can experiment on. So be sure to have some in your closet for when you’re feeling preppy.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 5

Insert a denim shirt over your loose sweater for a comfy and still preppy look.

Go for classic, earthy tones like deep reds, browns, etc and keep your accessories simple. You can always add a headband or a structured bag to maintain a clean and polished look.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 4

Preppy women are into nautical-themed clothes so you should have a nautical dress that you could wear to give out that girly and sophisticated vibe but with a twist.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 9

Florals and combat boots together are super cute. They contrast one another. Go daring and on-trend and just have fun mixing and matching.

preppy outfit ideas with combat boots 11

Bored with your lace dress? Add some spice to your all-white dress with a denim vest and combat boots.