Preppy Clothing Brands

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Preppy fashion became dominant around the 60s. These were actually led by designers such as Perry Ellis and designers like Oleg Cassini. There have been so many brands carrying preppy styles throughout the years (besides Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and the like) that we’ve came up with a few preppy clothing brands that you need to check out to achieve your preppy look.

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J. CREW is one of the most preppy brands that isn’t expensive but and are mostly worn by middle to upper-middle class young ones. They have classic and comfy clothing and cute and preppy essentials can be seen like bright polos, madras shirts, chinos, sports coat. Their brands carry good quality clothes which you will find worth it. If you’re into clean, crisp and simple well-cut basics in bright and unexpected color, try out J. CREW.

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Tory Burch is known for her iconic preppy style. One way of showing her style to the world is by creating preppy clothes. She’s into the whole preppy thing so much that she even combined her retail outlets and cozy headquarters to look like you’re on a museum, with hand-picked antique pieces, travel souvenirs, retro oaks and Louis XVI-style side chairs. So go check her clothing ranges because she’s ultimately the queen of prep.

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Tommy Hilfiger has a couple of preppy clothes with their brand, especially their fall 2013 campaign. Just looking at their photos makes you nostalgic of Gossip Girl. You don’t need to play badminton or anything to fall in love with their resurgent prepster look.

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Vineyard Vines is preppy brand clothing by two brothers. Their style is more laid-back and relaxed, like something you’d wear to hangout on the countryside. The brand is best known for its brightly colored polo shirts and colorful ribbon belts, giving out a modern touch to classic preppy, with a very New England kind of vibe.

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Dressing preppy doesn’t mean dressing dorky. If any brand can bring out a crowd, it’s totally Kate Spade. They changed the definition of preppy – they have outfits with playful colors, whimsical prints and preppy girlish silhouettes. We feel like this is the brand Blair Waldorf gets her outfits from. Also, they have cute accessories that go with the outfits. What more can you ask for?

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Lilly Pulitzer have colorful and bright patterns, mostly sundresses, skirts and solid-colored polos, stripes and contrasting collars, tennis skorts and beach wear. The brand is meant to be worn to country clubs, yacht clubs and vacations at prestigious places but you can buy these on Target. Lilly is pretty much wearable for any preppy day you feel.

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Banana Republic has really nice clothes that are somehow affordable to the general public. Their “Mad Men Fashion” campaign has looks with classy, retro and modern combinations.

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Prada are also famous for their preppy looks since the 2010 Cruise collection. It was a mix of color-blocking and colors, especially their 2012 and 2014 F/W collection where they revamped the prep style incorporating dark colors. They have beautiful harmonies of shapes with architectural and impressive textures.

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Every preppy girl owns a Gucci or two. They’re absolutely the classic preps. We fell in love with their 2014 pre-fall collection with bright and bold colors but still come with the preppy style. Their one of the pioneers of preppy so it would be best to get your hands on them. They never go out of style.

preppy brand clothes outfits 10 Photo from What Would Kate Do
Lastly, the best preppy jeans are from J Brand. We’re not quite sure why these jeans are what they prefer but we’ve heard the cast from Gossip Girl wore J Brand 811 skinny jeans and paired them with loafers, collars and the like. Besides, Kate Middleton wore their jeans and her style is kind of preppy. These are actually $150 a pair but it’s totally worth it if the future queen of England wears them.