Practical Chunky-Soled Footwear for Men

men chunky shoes 9

Having chunky-soled shoes give your look that ruggedness it needs. Here are some of what you need to have in your closet.

Oxford Shoes
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It’s your best choice for office shoes this cold season. Ensure that your oxford shoes can be worn from 9 to 5.


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But never go too chunky. It will make you look tacky.


men chunky shoes 3Hiking Boots
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Hiking boots should steer classic everywhere, except the sole. Don’t go for space-age materials toward metal and leather. Chunky sole hiking boots are very functional.


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To make the chunky style shoes look sleek, tie them up nice and just let your shoes do the talking.


men chunky shoes 5Brogues
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Balance your brogues with the cut of your trousers or jeans. Avoid styles with wide legs because it will only make your outfit look overgrown.


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It’s a less harsh way of saying that you will look like a clown with clown shoes.


men chunky shoes 7Sneaker Boots
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It’s an essential street wear. The sneaker boots is a mixture of sneakers and hiking boots that is made of something tougher and bolts it to a wet-weather sole.


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Sneaker boots are constructed for their purpose. They have armored sole units and a practical upper to deliver some shelter from the elements.