Post-Punk Revival Outfit Ideas

post punk revival outfit ideas 12Post-punk revival is known to be the best music of the new millennium. It’s a movement that started in the late 90s in the US, Sweden, Australia and UK and is still ongoing until this day. Its stylistic origins came from alternative rock, post-punk, new wave, garage rock, indie rock and punk rock. The bands in this genre got their influence from the original 80s post-punk bands. If you’re going to a concert, below are some super hip outfit ideas to wear while jamming to your favorite tunes and a couple more ideas about the post-punk revival.


post punk revival outfit ideas 1This genre of alt-rock was developed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries where bands broke through to mainstream from local scenes throughout the globe. Some of these bands include The White Stripes, The Vines, The Hives, Interpol and The Strokes.


post punk revival outfit ideas 2The next few years, bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Franz Ferdinand and many more took tips from the mod bands before them.


post punk revival outfit ideas 3If you know “Kings of Leon”, when they debuted, they were dubbed as the “southern Strokes”.


post punk revival outfit ideas 4Maybe you know them when you were in high school and even went to some of their concerts when they were in your city.


post punk revival outfit ideas 5Maybe you missed some shows because you were underage and maybe you got to a couple of shows with your parents or friends’ parents accompanying you to see your favorite bands.


post punk revival outfit ideas 6Don’t you just miss those days? The fond memories and the longing.


post punk revival outfit ideas 7One of the most well-known to be indebted with primary marketable accomplishment to the use of internet and social networking were Arctic Monkeys.


post punk revival outfit ideas 8But post-punk was short-lived. In 2007, the progress started to drop that fronted people to talk about its reject as a trend and dispute that it had been gone beyond by more tunefully and sensitively intricate music of indie rock. These bands include Death Cab for Cutie and Arcade Fire.


post punk revival outfit ideas 9By 2010, many of the bands of the movement have split and have done things separately while some continued to record on tour in the 2010s, making significant impact on the charts – The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.


post punk revival outfit ideas 10The post-punk revival encouraged a whole age bracket of bedroom rock stars to raise their guitars. Teens that grew up loving these bands are in fact making music themselves.