24 Outstanding Plus-Size Celebrity Approved for Summer

Summer months are coming and it’s time to showcase those bodies!

These 24 plus-size celebrities showcase their summer outfits.

1. Go with a Boho Tunic and Black Leggings Like Adele

adele plus size summer wear

If you’re still feeling somewhat hesitant about your body image (which you shouldn’t!) feel free to go with an outfit like this – black leggings with a tunic with flared sleeves to keep cool in the summer. Go with a print or design that expresses your personality. In this case, it’s a boho blouse. Complete with a pair of sunglasses!

2. Wear Light Colors Like Amber Rose to Keep Cool in the Summer

amber rose plus size summer wear

Short dresses and off the shoulder blouses work well in hot summer months because of less fabric. Light colors work well due to their ability to reflect light more than darker colors. Whites, yellows, and lighter colors keep you cooler more.

3. Wear a Cute One-Piece Bathing Suit and a Silky Coverup Like Dascha Polanco

dascha polanco plus size summer weardasha polanco plus size summer weardasha polanco plus size summer wear

Sport a one-piece like Dascha Polanco and top it off with a silky long coverup. Coverups are perfect ways to take walks on the beach without showing a lot of skin. Also perfect as a barrier against wind.

4. Wear Rolled Up Blue Jeans with Nude High Heel Sandals and a Cool Colored Blouse Like Mariah Carey

mariah carey plus size summerwear

Super simple and can be any go-to outfit when going out. Just wear a fitted pair of blue jeans, a pair of high heels, and a simple nice blouse. For those with big breasts, a plunging neckline can be your way to show off some goods.

5. Cute and Innocent. Denim Jackets with Maxi Dresses Go Perfectly Well Together. Sport it Like Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson plus size summer

Denim jackets go extremely cute with long maxi dresses or skirts. Choose a light colored dress, preferably with prints or floral designs instead of solid colors to stay cool in the summer.

6. Strut Out in Printed Dresses Like Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson

rebel wilson plus size summer wear

Dresses are nice for the summer months due to their breeziness and ability to keep you cool.

7. Wear a Light Colored Summer Dress to Stay Breezy Cool Like Mindy Kaling

mindy kaling plus size summer wear

Top it off with some open toed pumps to complete the look.

8. A Dress or Skirt with Floral Prints is a Great Way to Show Off Your Style Like Nikki Blonsky

nikki blonsky plus size summer wear

Complete the look with a pair of red heeled sandals and a long necklace.

9. Wear an Oversized Denim Shirt with Black Skinny Jeans or Leggings Like Ashley Graham

ashley graham plus size summer wear

A casual outfit with a twist is a denim shirt paired with leather leggings. Inspired by our beautiful Ashley Graham.

10. Wear a Simple, Easy-to-Match-With Capri Blue Jean Pants Like Jill Scott

jill scott plus size summer wear

Nothing rings Summer but green! A semi casual look inspired by Jill Scott is capri pants, colorful top, and a green lightweight cardi or kimono. Top it off with a wedge heel with fringes to add more fun in the sun!

11. Be Confident Like Amy Schumer With Blue Jeans, Heels, and a Leather Jacket

amy schumer plus size summer wear

Amy Schumer is not just funny but she’s also one confident lady! Her confidence flows through the way she dresses, ripped jeans, plain tee and a leather jacket with pointed toes is classic yet super sexy!

12. Wear Layers Like Jolene Purdy to Keep Warm in AC-Controlled Buildings and to Stay Cool in the Hot Summer Sun

jolene purdy plus size summer wear

Don’t be afraid to opt for patterns and layers just because you’re thick. Just like Jolene Purdy wear a bold patterned top and a utility jacket or a lightweight parka to add more dimensions to your outfit.

13. Be Classy and Beautiful Like Meghan Trainor

meghan trainor plus size summer wear

Meghan Trainor is not just good at singing, she’s also great at loving herself and showing people it’s okay to be plus size! Rock out with her songs with a cute short sleeve turtle neck, tucked in a leather pleated skirt and tights!

14. Walk Straight with Shoulders Back Like Queen Latifah

queen latifah plus size summer wear

Queen Latifah is definitely a Queen when it comes to confidence especially with her body! Rock out some straight cut jeans and tie-dyed v-neck to the beach and enjoy the sun at your own comfort level.

15. Wear Dark Colors Like Amber Riley

amber riley plus size summer wear

Don’t be afraid to show a bit of a bulge because it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Pick a darker shade of color for your outfit if you want to hide it just like this mini black dress.

16. Strut It Out and Wear Your Summer Confidence Like Gabourey Sidibe

gabourey sidibe plus size summer wear

Short dresses are not just for thin people! Ladies who are thicker can rock them out just as beautifully! Add some long jewelry to balance out your outfit and you’re set for a grand night!

17. Pair Long, Loose Tunic Blouses with Skinny Jeans or Leggings Like Melissa McCarthy

melissa mccarthy plus size summer wear

Ladies with thicker legs shouldn’t be afraid to wear leggings. A trick to know is: wear a longer blouse or shirt to hide your thighs. Make sure that your top is still fitting, like a peplum cut or anything that accentuates your waist.

18. Go Formal and Pop Out with Red Colors Like Tamela Mann in Your Summer Dates

tamela mann plus size summer wear

A corset or any type of big belt is a great accessory to add to any outfit. It helps shape your waist more and it adds more bling to your wardrobe.

19. Stay Classy and Beautiful Like Kim Coles

kim coles plus size summer wear

Add a long cardigan to any plain outfits to add more style and versatility.

20. Be Happy in the Summer Like Yvette Nicole Brown

yvette nicole brown plus size summer wear

Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone and embrace yourselves ladies. Be bold and confident and stayvibrant just like this outfit! A blue printed pencil cut and light top is a perfect Summer date fit!

21. Wear Mini Skirts Like Whitney Thompson to Stay Cool

whitney thompson plus size summer wear

You don’t always have to wear black to make you look slimmer. Be confident and opt for more colors. Maroon, grey, brown, and more neutral colors are also a great option! Show your legs and your amazing figure by wearing a short skirt and topping it off with leather! Take off the leather jackets when you get outside and keep them on inside offices and cold air conditioned rooms.

22. Accentuate Your Curves with a Formal Summer Dress Like Mo’Nique

monique plus size summer wear

Don’t feel insecure with your body just because you’re plus size! Wear dresses that hugs your figure to better accentuate your curves!

23. Sport White Skinny Jeans and a Mint Green Blouse with Octavia Spencer

octavia spencer plus size summer wear

A perfect transitional outfit from Spring to Summer is a mint green blouse paired with white pants! A loose blouse will help keep you cool during the summer months.

24. Keep Cool with a Sunhat and Flowy Dress Like Joanne Borgella

joanne borgella plus size summer wear

You don’t always gotta have that tiny black dress, rock out a perfect Spring – Summer outfit by opting for a Black Maxi and a short sleeve cover up.