Plus Size Spring Shopping Trends

It is really difficult to find stylish, trendy pieces in plus-sizes, and so the big girls opt for a uniform of shapeless, monochromatic basics that aren’t really fun to wear. Here are some killer outfit ideas that are sure to be head-turners. These spring trends are trending this season as well.



This is a hot trend. Skip all-over ruffles and instead go for flounces across the shoulders or on the skirt. And yes, this is what you should totally wear on your next fancy date night.



Add a touch of the season’s metallic hue that has been seen frequently at the Louis Vuitton and Loewe runways to your wardrobe. It looks cool with a knit or sneakers. It also looks great with a warm lipstick shade and heels, it’s ready for a wedding or event.



The bright citrus shade is having a big moment. This sheer, loose tunic looks incredible (and is incredibly slimming) over white or light-washed jeans. A skinny or straight-leg fit works best with the billowy shape of the top. The bright color will likely make you feel good too.

Electric Colors

electric colors

It takes guts to wear Day-Glo. But try a hit of ultra bright color to instantly perk up an otherwise ho-hum ensemble. The neon tee in lime can be just the perfect piece. You can wear it under a strong black blazer with strappy heels. You may also get the same effect with eye-popping neon accessories.



Stock up on festival-worthy dresses and chic bow-neck blouses, because the seventies trend is still going strong. Don’t worry as you won’t ever have to hide yourself when wearing one of these outfits. You may even sharpen it with heels and tailored pieces and take it into the weekend with strappy sandals and round sunnies.



You may not be used to seeing leather this time of year, but more designers are now working it into their spring collections. Consider splurging on a leather skirt. It goes with pretty much everything, and best of all, you can wear it throughout the year as well. That’s value for money. Try an inexpensive black tank too.



This is turning out to be a favorite trend this season for a lot of the ladies. The slip is after all both comfortable and cool. Remember, you want a little structure, not just a droopy dress. You can pair this with sneakers to increase the fashion factor and take it up a notch with pumps and a furry stole.

Modern Florals

modern florals

True, florals for spring are a bit of a no-brainer, but this season’s take on the trend is all about hyper-saturated color and unexpected neon hues. This outfit is surely going to make you look totally young and vibrant and will make you feel like walking to work. You can pair with a blue or yellow top, tucked in to accentuate the pencil shape and your natural curves.