Plus Size Corsets

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Why would you buy a corset, you ask? Well, if you want an hourglass figure, want to appear slimmer, want to train your waist into shape or you need something to support your posture, then you seriously need to get one for yourself.

Life is too short for ugly lingerie.


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Women simply enjoy the self-confidence and sensuality they experience when their figure is being improved by a lovely lacing corset. It’s very purposeful, intimate and simply a sexy piece of lingerie.


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Corsets happen to go back many years ago. Women back then wanted to reduce their waist and exaggerate their body’s natural curves. It first appeared about 1700 BC then re-emerged during the Renaissance period then continuing during the Victorian age.


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Corsets are a bride’s favorite – it’s what they usually wear on their very special day and until on their honeymoon. It’s very popular and the love and fascination for corsets continues to rise.


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There’s nothing more feminine and erotic than the hourglass silhouette of a woman.


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There are two types of corsets – the overbust and underbust. The overbust covers the bust and offers more coverage, which can easily be worn as an outerwear, underwear or lingerie. The underbust offers the same thing but can be more versatile and most practical for waist training and daily wear.


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When choosing the length, don’t base it on your height. Base it on your torso’s length. You should pay attention to the product descriptions on where you should be buying.


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Compare the length against your own tors to make that the corset won’t be too short or too long. You know when it’s short when there’s a soft tissue squeezing out of the bottom, or too long if it prevents you from sitting comfortably.


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When combined with healthy diet, exercise and frequent wearing of the corset, it’s possible that the corset can help you lose weight. It’s because when the stomach is restricted, you can’t take in as much food. It can result to you slowly eating down instead of allowing you to overeat.


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Corsets are designed to flatten the tummy and draw the waist. You can wear a corset for daily wear under your clothes, but choose something that’s simple. Not too bulky with lace trims.


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Choosing well-made corsets fits comfortably at the ribs and hips, gently compressing your waist and allowing easy breathing. Just to make sure you’re comfortable with it, don’t lace it too tightly especially the first few times you wear it. Allow it to properly mold on your body so it hugs the curves.