Pastel, Present and Futuristic Outfit Ideas

If you plan on wearing metallic and high-shine garments for Halloween, then you must probably want some futuristic outfit ideas right at this very moment.

Some futuristic looks can be worn as a modern and daytime outfit without people thinking you’ve travelled back from the future.

But for this post, we’re going all out. From fashion forward shoes to statement-making metallic dresses, here are some cool and outrageous but stylish futuristic costumes to wear for Halloween or any themed parties.

futuristic outfit ideas 1

Any type of transparent or clothing with lots of holes will totally look avant garde. It gives more of a future vibe. It would look more futuristic if the accessories were bright and striking. Clear clothes are obviously not for everyone. But if you want to wear something that will surely make a statement, these transparent dresses are for you.

futuristic outfit ideas 2

Clothes with sharpness and edges would give you a tough and futuristic flare.

By trying out this look will make you look like a psychedelic superhero and exoskeleton.

futuristic outfit ideas 3

Don’t metallics and silver accents remind you of spaceships?

Wearing this feathery pair of shoes will give people an idea that you’re able to fly, something that will be invented in the near future.

futuristic outfit ideas 4

Futuristic features include bright colors, shine, sharpness and holographic flares.

futuristic outfit ideas 5

Pair this look with silver or gold accessories.

futuristic outfit ideas 6

Your makeup should look flashing and over-the-top. Foundation too pale for you? Great, use that. You think this shade of lipstick is too bright? The brighter, the better. Exaggerate your eyelashes by using a few more inches long than your natural one. Make it colorful and shocking.

futuristic outfit ideas 7

This look will show of the curves of your body. Flaunt it.

futuristic outfit ideas 8

Look straight out of a sci-fi movie with this look. It looks quite bizarre and more high-fashion but believe me, you will look the best of the bunch.

futuristic outfit ideas 9

Use colored hairsprays to change the color of your hair. Just like in the movie The Hunger Games, every single one from Panem, the Capitol, have very funky streaks of hair. Wear cocktail hats with huge designs on it. The bigger, the better.

futuristic outfit ideas 10

If you don’t like the look of colored hair, try out some sharp head wear or helmets. This will look too weird for us but just imagine waking up each day having to style your hair in the most unconventional way because normal is not “in”.

futuristic outfit ideas 11

Don’t be shock when we can fit things in our dress’ pockets in the future. Somebody would eventually come up with a fashion line with pockets the size of your hand, but the storage is massive. You wouldn’t even feel the weight of it.

Wear this flowing dress that will make you look like a villain out of an alien invasion movie.

futuristic outfit ideas 12

Feeling like you’ve just woken up to a strange dream? Maybe because it’s this look. But not to worry. Lady Gaga wears these types of things. You will surely rock it out as well.

This clothing with objects and sculptures will fit the shape of your body perfectly, because apparently, people from the future have created it to be that way.

futuristic outfit ideas 13

Dark and futuristic are two beautiful things combined. Just think that you’re a warrior to fight against aliens and zombie apocalypse.

futuristic outfit ideas 15

This dress has all sorts of little pieces on it, i’m not even sure what exactly are these. If you have the time, you can glue whatever beads or particles you can get a hold of to an old dress.

The look is very fun and chic. It will never look simple.