Pants for Petite Women

pants for petite women 10Being petite isn’t exactly a good thing. When you’re looking for the perfect pair of pants, it’s not just the style you’re after. You need to consider the length, where the knee hits and just fussing over the measurements. If you haven’t found your perfect pair of pants yet, then maybe you’re not looking the right way. Below are some ideas of which ones to buy that are perfect for a petite woman like you.


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Cargo is a trend again but this time, it’s not the loose and baggy trend we know and cringed at. This certain trouser can be cuffed both for either looks or convenience.


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Culottes have different variations from knee-skimming to calf-grazing. That means you have so many to choose from.


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Shopping for denim is difficult task. But you know what; cropped jeans are totally in trend today. So if yours are longer than usual, all you need to do is either fold them or have them cut.


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Don’t limit yourself to plain trousers. There are so many petite pants that are flirty and fun.


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Wide-leg cropped wrap pants aren’t something you see very often. But these silk pants are actually made with him to hit closer to where your ankle-length trousers would. Look taller by pairing this with high heels or platforms.


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Stripes will also make you look taller. If you’re looking for trousers that’s just about your size or with prints that will make you taller, this one’s something you need.


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Petite wide leg pants that will give your outfit that one-of-a-kind looks that you can call your own.


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J. Brand has amped up their denim game, offering petite sizing to their customers. This one particularly has shorter inseams. You can never have too many denim jeans. They’re just versatile, classic and a good-quality pair can last you years.


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Petite sizes are difficult to tailor, especially when it has elaborate prints and a more detailed hemline. This slim fit chino has a 26-inch inseam that you can easily roll up to whichever length you prefer.