Outfits to Wear With the New IPhone 7

The IPhone 7 is all set to take the world by storm. It’s the latest gadget, a gizmo that you will surely want to have. But what should you wear with your cool phone? Your dress should go well with your gadget.

Here’s one idea – You may try consumer “wearables”. But there are other options too.

The Apple Watch, Google Glass, and Fitbit are on the leading edge of consumer “wearables” – technology that combines electronic sensors with everyday apparel. But watches and eyeglasses are only the beginning. Shirts, socks, and any other item of clothing or accessory you have in your wardrobe are being reimagined to collect, analyze, and use personalized data.

Here’s a sampling of smart clothing you can wear with the IPhone 7:

smudge-free touchscreen gloves

AiQ Smart Clothing Company produces a line of smart apparel, including conductive gloves for smudge-free touchscreen use, clothes that light up, clothes that give off evenly distributed heat, and even metal mesh clothing that shields the wearer from radiation.

electronic hoodie

Designer Pauline Van Dongen offers a Wearable Solar Clothing Collection. Her coats and dresses integrate solar cells that can charge your smartphone but be obscured with fabric when not in use.

electronic hoodie

This electronic hoodie will go very well with the IPhone 7.

electronic top

You can wear this glitter top as well. You will definitely be looking completely different in this.

glitter top

Or try this look with the IPhone 7.

flashing costume for party

Modules are sewed into clothes. The modules are used to create various luminous and flashing costumes for parties, carnivals, and similar crazy opportunity, but it can also be used for more serious applications.

flashing costume for party

You may also wear this luminous and flashing costume.

integrated solar clothing

Here’s one integrated solar clothing. This futuristic design is a sure eye-catcher.

abstract and graphic lines outfit

Try unusual shapes and structures have been translated into a collection that combines a fluid form with abstract constructed shapes, graphic lines and smooth curves with striking materials around the body.

stereopsis outfit

Stereopsis investigates human perception of space and the way light creates and influences our vision on surroundings. Something that seems flat at first sight can suddenly appear to be three-dimensional. Stereopsis collection exploits the ability of reflection and refraction of light through cone shapes and hollow forms that absorb it. Laser cut leather and silk are shaped in three-dimensional structures that play with light and interact with the viewer when moving.

sci-fi outfit

Look straight out of a sci-fi movie with this look. It looks quite bizarre and more high-fashion but believe me, you will look the best of the bunch. This is a very good IPhone 7 outfit.

steampunk outfit

Steampunk is often framed as an alternative past, or present, but can also be seen as a post-apocalyptic future that combines Victorian and punk theme in a sub-culture with high-tech based on steam.

steampunk outfit

Here is another Steampunk look. You can wear this as well with the new IPhone 7.

holographic skater dress

Retro Futuristic – Of course everyone has a different view of what the future might be like, but some versions seem to go in and out of fashion with the times. We do tend to fall back on the universal, solid color jumpsuit, as Time notes. Aerials on hats and bubble helmets were predicted, as seen on The Jetsons. Other examples include the very human-like alien civilizations in the original Star Trek or the costumes used in Barbarella. For example, just look at this holographic skater dress.

retro futuristic outfit

Here is another retro-futuristic look you might like.

cyberpunk outfit

Cyberpunk – You can decide how grimy this costume should be, depending on your favorite style of cyberpunk. The inspiration for these could be the Tron movies with their one-piece black jumpsuits and neon accessories. Or you can channel a gothic vibe, like characters from The Matrix or Bladerunner.

electronic evening gown

You are sure to look stunning in this electronic evening gown. And it will be perfect with the new IPhone 7.