Outfits to Wear to a Korean Graduation Dinner

Korea is one of the most fashionable countries in the world. Almost every Korean woman can pull off whatever they decide to wear. Their country is full of beautiful people, beautiful fashion and beautiful skin. They have this porcelain skin making each one of them look great without overdoing it.

It’s hard to compete with their style because they’re naturally good at it.

Going to your friend’s Korean graduation dinner but don’t know what to wear? We’ve rustled up a couple of dinner outfit ideas that will surely make you look ultra chic and trendy for that once in a lifetime special event in your special Korean’s life.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 1

A beautiful navy lace dress like this should be paired with sexy strappy heels. Keep your make up fresh and natural and for accessories, you don’t need too much since you will definitely be standing out with a dress like this.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 2

Besides a little black dress, you also need a little red dress. It’s super festive and if you combine accessories with it, it will go with whatever event you’re attending.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 3

Here’s a very classy look that you could wear to the graduation dinner. It’s very simple yet elegant. Pair your pastel pink dress with gold accents.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 4

Don’t know what to wear with your crochet skirt? Mix it with an oversized top. Just tuck it in and you’re good to go. Another effortless yet stylish look without looking too over the top.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 5

Incorporate prints into your ensemble for the night. If you’re dining into a traditional Korean restaurant where you sit on the floor, you wouldn’t want to wear skirts or anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. Find a comfortable and cute pair of trousers that won’t give you a hard time moving and a simple top that matches your pants.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 6

Instead of wearing an all-nude ensemble, opt for a top or bottom with bold prints on it. It will instantly upgrade your look into something fun and quirky.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 7

Take inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. Her wardrobe is full of elegant, sophisticated and ultra stylish pieces. Opt for printed shoes if you want to add a bit of oomph to your look.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 8

If you have an enchanting little black feather dress like this one, pair it with some multifunctional black pumps and some accessories like this absolutely gorgeous pair of earrings which you can wear to special events like a graduation dinner.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 9

A white button down sheer blouse with floral printed trousers and strappy sandals for a sophisticated look.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 10

Invest in a beautiful vintage dress because you would look so unique and fashionable with it. You could never go wrong with anything lovely such as this dress to a special event.

korean graduation dinner  outfit ideas 11

A burgundy dress has so many uses. For example, it can easily transition your entire work look to something dinner appropriate.