Outfits Ideas for the Hot Indian Summer

India is hot in the summer. Really hot actually! Most parts of the country can be above 105 Fahrenheit during the summer months. Sometimes it can be close to 115 F as well. Add to that the high humidity in the coastal regions, and it can be a real pain. However India is among the most beautiful countries in the world too, thanks to some of the tallest peaks in the world, stunning forts, rich culture, beautiful islands, coral reefs, deep forests and its wildlife, and of course the Taj Mahal. You may have to visit the country in the summer on business too.

So what do you wear in India during the summer? Here are some ideas.

Cool Whites

white indian dress

There is nothing better for the Indian summer than the white. The highly reflective color will keep the sun off you and make you a vision in the drought stricken weather. White is also an emotionally calming color that will keep you relaxed when you are out in the heat.

Shorter Hemlines

dress with shorter hemline

Try stylish sleeveless Indian outfits with shorter hemlines. You can wear them casually during the day and dress them up further for a fun evening. Kitschy prints, floral prints and pastels evoke the feeling of summer and go well with the season. Maxi dresses which give out a beach and resort vibe are also trending high.

Comfort of Cotton

salwar kameez

Cotton is the best fabric to keep you comfortable day and night during the summer. You can pick from organic tunics, dresses and salwar kameezes with modern sensibilities. This summer, you can go organic and eco friendly and be proud of your fashion choices.

Indian Ethnic Touch

salwar kameez

Salwaar kameez is a great option to get dressy for Indian events during summer. It offers a simpler silhouette compared to ethic Indian outfits like anarkalis and lehengas. The salwar kameez will help you battle the harsh summer with less volume. Also going lighter on embellishments will keep you relaxed during the sultry days.



A favorite of Gandhi, this handmade fabric was once very popular in India. However most Indians later opted for western dresses. But khadi is making a comeback now as it is perfect for the hot summer. It can cool you down.


linen girls

This fabric looks like a netted cloth and allows circulation of air freely. It also absorbs moisture. There are different varieties of linen available.

Skirts and Shorts

skirts and shorts

Skirts and shorts are great accomplices for the summer. You can mix and match with various tops and T-shirts to give you multiple looks. Add a cute summer hat to the skirts and shorts look and you have a very summer ready style statement.

Tops and Tunics

tops and tunics

You can opt for chic tops in cotton or linen. You can stock up on a variety of summery Indian outfits like sleeveless, spaghetti’s, strapless, tubes or off-shoulder tops, for a cool and casual demeanor. Pair it with skirts, shorts or cotton trousers of your choice to walk through summer with panache. You can pair cotton tunics with leggings, jeggings, and pants, or just belt it up.