Outfit Ideas with Navy Skorts

outfit ideas with navy skort 11

We have given you a couple of outfit ideas to style your black skorts, here are 10 more on how to style navy skorts.

outfit ideas with navy skort 1
Keep it simple with your favorite sporting brand top and tennis shoes for a casual, everyday look.

outfit ideas with navy skort 2
Add statement pieces into your overall basic look. How about a pair of Timberland boots and a signature leather bag? It’s nice to mix different styles.

outfit ideas with navy skort 3
Style your chambray top with a white brim hat, Chelsea boots, fringe bag with the navy skort.

outfit ideas with navy skort 4
For cool weather conditions, opt for a leather jacket to give your look some edge. Pair it with boots and you’re good to go. Instead of black, choose brown for a softer look.

outfit ideas with navy skort 5
And for an unbearable cold weather, mix your comfiest and thickest sweater that you own with your skort and knee-high leather boots. You can even leggings or thigh-high socks with this look. Don’t forget to include a scarf for that extra needed warmth.

outfit ideas with navy skort 6
Add prints into your night party outfit. Instead of stilettos, why not opt for chunky sandals? It’s more comfortable and it won’t give you a hard time walking even if you’re already tired.

outfit ideas with navy skort 7
Here’s another outfit you can wear for evening rendezvous, like a date, dinner with your girlfriends or having a couple of drinks at your local pub. A silky blazer/jacket which you can take off at some point – but make sure your top is cute and will totally match your shoes and skorts.

outfit ideas with navy skort 8
It’s not hard to style an army green outerwear. The best items to pair them with are a white top and a cool pair of boots. You can easily wear these with jeans, denim shorts, anything really. This look gives out a sort of feminine feel because of the skirt-shorts.

outfit ideas with navy skort 9
A floral bandeau with some sexy heels and navy skort is another ensemble to sport during night outs, especially if you’re going to a high-class clubs.

outfit ideas with navy skort 10
One can’t simply be bothered for days that seem so dull. When that happens, just grab at least one statement piece to make your outfit look somehow special and put together. Like this tee with your navy skort brogues and leather shoulder bag. The slouchy beanie with spikes will help instantly update your look from plain to special.