Outfit Ideas with Bold Prints

bold prints outfit ideas 12We already have gotten ideas for the trends next season. So let’s celebrate summer high summer wearing big patterns and bold prints whether in maxi dresses or a statement graphic tee. Also, these are great transitioning outfit ideas for the fall.


bold prints outfit ideas 1Wearing geometric co-ords like this one may not be ideal for the summer, but when the weather won’t be affecting you, this one’s pretty bold and will surely make a statement wherever you go.


bold prints outfit ideas 2One stylish way of incorporating bold prints into your look for the day is by pairing it with a simply girly or formal white top.


bold prints outfit ideas 3Mixing and matching prints is still a thing. Choose a color that will make you think of brightness and summer.


bold prints outfit ideas 4Another tip on mixing prints – this could make a really good everyday dressy look.


bold prints outfit ideas 5When you feel like your jumpsuit is a little bit plain for your liking, incorporate a fabulous statement-making coat or blazer into your look. That way, it will make you feel even trendier.


bold prints outfit ideas 6This is one way of adding floral prints into your look – matching floral crop top and blazer, destroyed cutoffs and ankle wedge boots.


bold prints outfit ideas 7Sport a sort of ethnic dress because now’s surely the time to wear those. When wearing a bold print like this one, it’s always advisable for women to keep their accessories minimal.


bold prints outfit ideas 8Look a bit of retro in a 70s-style print in a modern dress style, effortlessly casual in a thigh-high slit with flat sandals.


bold prints outfit ideas 9Tropical prints – because nothing screams summer more than tropical prints. Look sexy in those by wearing high heels and a simple necklace.


bold prints outfit ideas 10And when it happens to be fall, you can still wear your colorful leopard print maxi skirt by pairing it with a graphic tee and layering it over a sleek leather jacket. Remove the leather jacket if you want to wear it this summer. Instead of boots, go for flat sandals or sneakers under your skirt.