Outfit Ideas to Your Summer Job Interview

What you wear to your job interview isn’t going to change based on the weather. Whenever you feel the urge to leave the house for your interview in daisy dukes, sandals and spaghetti straps, it just isn’t appropriate when you plan on getting the position you wanted for so long.

Forget about those wool suits or button-up collars that can crank up the heat before your interview even started. Would you want to go to your interview with sweat dripping along your face?

How about natural fibers like cotton or silk that is blended with synthetic materials like polyester? They lift humidity from your skin within at the same time as lasting presentable on the outside.

Leave out clothes that add burden and thickness to your look, making you feel hot even more.

summer interview work outfit idea 20

For a corporate job interview, wear the standard conservative pieces as possible – suit, pants, dress suits. Some companies oblige their employees to wear stockings (pantyhose) so it’s better if you asked the HR department or the reception first before coming in.

summer interview work outfit idea 23

Go for those clothes that are made in lightweight materials – those that breathe well and allow air to flow.

summer interview work outfit idea 4

Wear minimal jewelries because you would want to present yourself as formal and wearing something bright like a beaded necklace will not be suitable for a corporate environment.

summer interview work outfit idea 22

Also, closed shoes are your go-to when it comes to corporate environments. Nobody wants to look at those pedicured toenails of yours.

If you’re not comfortable with heels, it’s alright to wear flats. Just make sure the soles are not rubber. Your shoes should be real leather and wearing them in sky-high heels is not really appropriate in your business setting.


summer interview work outfit idea 14

When it comes to business casual job interviews, go for knee-length skirts or just pants. Please don’t even think of wearing jeans.

summer interview work outfit idea 18

You can add a cardigan and a blazer to your entire look. If it gets too hot, you can always just take them off. Just make sure to be wearing something appropriate on your innerwear. No tank tops.

summer interview work outfit idea 3

Unless you’re sure that your employer won’t mind you wearing shorts, stick with a dress, trousers or skirts instead.

Open-toed or peep-toed shoes are absolutely fine for this setting. Flat shoes as well. No sandals, though.

summer interview work outfit idea 1

For a casual job interview, it’s normal to ask the HR officer or ask the receptionist what is the appropriate thing to wear to your interview. Make sure that what you’re wearing should be free of wrinkles or even rips and holes.

summer interview work outfit idea 25

Don’t wear blouses that are too tight or low-cut that shows your cleavage. It’s okay to wear sleeveless blouse but always remember that the shoulder width of your blouse should at least be an inch.

summer interview work outfit idea 7

You can wear jeans, just not those deconstructed jeans or even jeggings for that matter. You would really want to give a great impression of how casual yet professional you are. Polishing is key.

Leave your charm bracelets and bangles at home because they make too much noise when you move your hands around. It will annoy the interviewer and you really wouldn’t want to do that.

If you want to smell good, limit your perfume. If possible, wear waterproof makeup during a summer interview. Women tend to sweat so much during the summer and especially a nerve-wracking interview that it’s one thing you definitely should be worried about. It will make your makeup running and the scent of your perfume will fade eventually.