Outfit Ideas to Wear to Church

outfit ideas for church 11“Is she lost?”

That’s what you often hear when you see someone walking inside the church wearing a body-con dress with thigh-high boots which certainly looks more like a clubbing attire than a church attire.

If you don’t wear modest attires to church, you will certainly be judged and be talked about and that’s the last thing you want to happen. If you want to look stylish but still wanting to be on God’s list of good people, check out our list of outfits below that will surely send you straight to heaven.

outfit ideas for church 1Baggy shorts, flip flops and a cup of Starbucks along the pews is not the type of attire you should be wearing. It’s comfortable but not at all or in any way appropriate to church.


outfit ideas for church 2Also, pajamas in public. Is that even appropriate in public? If it isn’t, then it surely isn’t appropriate even to church.


outfit ideas for church 3We should dress up for what we’re grateful for. Some of us are blessed with wealth and maybe it’s the perfect time to wear something really special to church – something that’s not pajamas or loose tees and even those hideous trainers you keep at the back of your closet.


outfit ideas for church 4They said that if you have the decency to wear something formal when meeting the Queen of England, then maybe a little bit of formal and humble attire is something you need to consider when heading to church as well.


outfit ideas for church 5The bible tells us that the Jewish didn’t just “come as they are”. They underwent rituals before they could enter the temple.


outfit ideas for church 6A wrap dress, an A-line dress or a shift dress is one of the best choices. Just be sure it’s over your knee or at knee level. You can add a blazer or a nice cardigan then maybe an elegant jewelry.


outfit ideas for church 7If you’re not into dresses, try a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt. Make sure it isn’t too short or too tight, since they’re not really suitable for church. Easily pair it with a pretty top and maybe a pair of high heels.


outfit ideas for church 8Well, if you’d rather wear jeans go ahead but dress them up a bit. Add a fitted blazer, a nice pair of shoes and a plain top.


outfit ideas for church 9If you’re going to wear sleeveless tops, make sure they don’t show any cleavage AND that you need to add an outerwear for it to be deemed proper for the mass.


outfit ideas for church 10Your heels should be at least three inches or lower. Leave your sky high stilettos for your next date.