Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Broadway Show

what to wear to a broadway show 12While there isn’t really a dress code for Broadway shows, you should still dress up and make a night out of it. It’s such a special treat and a great experience. In NYC, a Broadway show is at the top of the entertainment list. So consider wearing appropriate attire for the show. Read on to know what the proper etiquette for a show is and outfit ideas.


what to wear to a broadway show 1If you’re a fan of strong scents like the Chanel no5, Estee Lauder Beautiful and many more, consider wearing another scent because some people are very sensitive to fragrances, especially if you’re going to be sitting super close to strangers.


what to wear to a broadway show 2Casual clothing is appropriate if you’re going to watch modern shows. So if you’re attending an opening performance and premiere, which are known to be monumentally large-scale production that includes walking in red carpets, wear formal attire.


what to wear to a broadway show 3It’s important to show up on time, especially if your seat is in the middle and you need to get past the others before you get there. If you arrive late, ushers of the show will give you a seat at the back and you’ll have to wait by the second act until you get to your assigned seat.


what to wear to a broadway show 4Don’t dress super casual. You’ll get raised eyebrows when you wear a tee and shorts. You could try going for a smart casual look or a nice dress.


what to wear to a broadway show 5Please put your phone in silent mode or just simply turn it off. People whose phone will ring in the middle of the show will immediately be escorted out of the theater. Also, it will be so distracting to others and for the actors performing as well.


what to wear to a broadway show 6Don’t leave until the show is over. Wait until the curtain call and then you can leave. It’s very rude and they’d be quite insulted since they’ve worked extremely hard just to entertain you. Besides, you paid more or less $100 for the show so why not finish it?


what to wear to a broadway show 7If you’re going to bringing kids to the show, before the show starts – feed them, take them to the bathroom and explain to them what will happen during the show. It’s best to get seats near the exit in case something comes up like one will throw a tantrum.


what to wear to a broadway show 8If you’re bringing a coat, leave them at the coat check since the seats in Broadway are small. They have not much leg room.


what to wear to a broadway show 9Foods and drinks are available at the lobby. Before the show and during intermission, get yourself some refreshments. Snacks aren’t allowed in the theater since it the sound of crunch and sipping is distracting to others.


what to wear to a broadway show 10Most important thing is to applaud in an appropriate time. If you’re friend’s part of the show and his scene comes up, refrain from whistling, screaming and cheering like you’re watching a football game.